Letting Go . . . It’s Kinda Hard

It’s hard to let go of anything that you truly care for or anything that is deeply embedded in you. It could be a habit, a certain mindset, a friend, family member or even a romantic partner. It’s a difficult task to detach and leave it behind. I had this addicting biting my nails habit,…Continue reading »

Are Your Twenties Your Hard Years?

I can’t wait to turn 25 next year so I can say I’m going through a quarter life crisis and be as dramatic about it. I’m already ranting about 23 while I’m on the verge of turning 24, just wait until I’m 25. I’ll be Dennis the Menace -insert a cool evil laugh-

I Wanted to Write a Post Today

I wanted to write a post today but I couldn’t focus on one idea long enough to turn it from thoughts in my mind to words on a blog. I have another post from Wednesday sitting in my draft that’s going to get deleted as soon as this post gets published because I don’t think…Continue reading »