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There was supposed to be a fancy introduction, but I created this blog in January, it’s now March and somehow, I haven’t written anything that feels right until now so let’s begin. Disclaimer: I am not a writer, I don’t have a degree in English, Creative Writing or anything Literature related so don’t expect my writing to be superb.

I am just a girl in her early 20’s trying to navigate life, majority of the times I feel like I am failing and other times I feel human so I cut myself some slack and allow my failures to be guiding lessons. I had envisioned my 20’s to be something completely different than it is right now, I’m not disappointed with the current outcome because my present circumstance has allowed me to start this blog and I know there is someone out there just turning 20, someone in their early or late 20’s who can relate to what I am going through so this blog is for us, it’s a safe space to share, connect and relate. Moving forward I’ll be covering topics such as education, finance (money), religion, love from a twenty something’s perspective, it will be my thoughts, experiences and opinions so be open-minded and kind -insert my loud laugh- I haven’t adapted thick skin as yet so words still hurt so be nice 😊. My blogs will end in a movie, series, music and maybe a book recommendation feel free to check any of my suggestions out and let me know if you like any in the comment section below. With nothing left to say let me sign off and end this blog with the recommendations.

Movie recommendation #1: Sabrina (1995), it is a remake of the 1954 Billy Wilder film Sabrina (I prefer the 1995 version) and it is absolutely amazing. If you went through that ugly duckling phase before your swan moment finally came along then you will definitely appreciate this movie. It’s a solid 8/10 for me and my inner hopeless romantic self. Check it out let me know your thoughts (be honest).

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Series: I am hooked to my television screen every Wednesday night at 10:00 ET because of Twenties. This is a well-written, witty and captivating series written and directed by Lena Waithe and it focuses on a black woman by the name of  Hattie and her two friends Nia and Mari who are just women trying to survive their 20’s, chase their dreams and figure shit out in the city of Angels, Los Angeles. Episode 5 aired last week, Episode 6 is set for this Wednesday, April 1, 2020 so start binging!

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Music: I was watching the trailer for To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You when I heard this song and I just loved the way it made me feel and who it made me think of, listennnnnnnnn if you have an ex, like ‘the EX’ of all exes that you poured all your love into and gave everything you had to that relationship be prepared to remember him/her/they while listening to this song. It is Nobody Compares to You by Gryffin feat Katie Pearlman, I’ll leave the YouTube link for you.

Until next time belle femmes!

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