Music & Series Recommendation

Music & Series Recommendation

Usually music and series recommendations are made at the end of my blog post, but I have quite a few so I decided to do a separate post instead. If you’ve listened or watched any of the songs or series below let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Da Baby “Find My Way”, I don’t usually listen to Da Baby because everything sounds the same to me but this latest single really got me, it is something different, the video itself is a 10 minute movie starring himself and B Simone; it’s worth the watch I’ll link the video so you can watch it. (
Megan Thee Stallion “Captain Hook”, if you have Tik Tok you might have heard this song, I don’t have the app and I have no desire to get it but that’s just me. I still watch the videos because they are reposted on Instagram or Whatsapp but that’s where my Tik Tok experience starts and stop. Now Captain Hook is FIREEEEEEEE (imagine the fire emoji beside the word), it has this bounce-a-bout effect meaning it has you bouncing, and I LOVE IT. The flow and bars definitely have me feeling like a hot girl from Houston even though I’m not, but you get the point.
Wale Love (Her Fault) feat Bryson Tiller. This track is off Wale’s latest album, I like it more now than I did when I first heard it, and Bryson Tiller is the cherry on the top for me if I’m being honest. It’s about relationship struggles, a lot of persons will be able to relate.
Hillsong UNITED “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”, I always have God in the midst of everything that I do, there are moments when I just want a good gospel song to feel his presence and just give thanks; this song gives me the feeling that I need and it’s a tearjerker. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Tory Lanez “Who Needs Love”, I’m currently on this focusing on my education and myself journey so this song is an over exaggeration of how I’m feeling. It’s just a nice song and I like it.

Killing Eve, the series is about a MI6 agent named Eve, who is trying to catch a psychopathic assassin by the name of Villanelle and trust me when I say this is nothing like Criminal Minds or Law and Order! This series is now one of my favourites and I just can’t imagine life without Villanelle (watch it and you’ll probably share the same sentiments). I love that the main characters are females, the series is set in England, but you will see a few European locations which are breath-taking. Villanelle’s fashion is just bold, has no boundaries and makes me aspire to be this fearless in the way I dress. THIS IS A MUST WATCH SERIES!
Elite, basically three students from lower income brackets are given the opportunity via a fully funded scholarship to study at a snobby, rich high school after their school was destroyed or something of that sorts, shit hits the fan when one of the rich girls is murdered and everyone is a suspect. This is my type of sexy, mystery/thriller, telenovela that isn’t over-dramatized. The cast is very talented, and this is a Netflix series that delivers in my opinion. For season 1 my suspicions were all over the place and I still didn’t guess the killer; it is someone you’d least expect.
La Casa de Papel “Money Heist”, usually not my type of series but I’m now one of the Professors loyal fans; he’s brilliant. I’m still at season 1 so I’ll be spending next week tirelessly watching every season (1-4) because it’s worth it. The series follows the Professor who has this brilliant plan to rob this national bank in Spain which has really high security and only a fool would attempt this robbery plan, but the Professor is no fool. He enlists a few persons and starts this grand scheme that is very entertaining with all its twist and turns. I keep asking myself why they keep going back to that bank every season, but I’ll find out soon enough.
Derry Girls, HILARIOUS! This is one of the first words that comes to mind when I think about this series because even when I re-watch old episodes I still laugh like it’s my first time watching. The show follows a group of teenagers in Derry during the Northern Ireland Conflict, I didn’t know what the Northern Ireland Conflict was until I watched Derry Girls and did my own research so if you watch this series you’ll not only die of laugh but also get a mini history lesson.

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