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This high selective energy given to the type of partner you want to be in a relationship with is the same energy that should be used when selecting lifelong friends; the people you surround yourself with impact you immensely so choose wisely.

My longest friendship is 8 years and counting I met my best-friend in the 9th grade and we bonded over gummy bears that she shared with me one afternoon. She is the definition of a good friend and introduced me to qualities one should have: she would comb my hair for me because I did not know how to and I had no one around me that could do it (thoughtful and compassionate), cook food for us on the weekends (kind and caring), we’d watch YouTube videos (fun), talk about emotional stuff and share intimate secrets (supportive). She became my confidant and I never had that with someone I wasn’t related to.

As time passed, I began opening myself up to more friendships, some I am grateful for to this day, others I wish I had left right where I found them; harsh but it’s the truth. Recently – literally a few days ago – I distanced myself from a close friend because I felt his actions proved his lack of respect and loyalty towards me, don’t think I’m a bossy or controlling friend because I am not, I am just a firm believer in whatever I don’t want done to me, I wouldn’t do it to someone else so I expect persons around me to be like that. However, this particular friend might not think the same and while I’m not terminating the friendship immediately, I asked myself is he a seasonal friend? Is he just here temporarily to teach me something or is he a lifelong friend that’s going to stick around? I am still trying to figure out the answer to these questions.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is we have to be careful who we let in our circle, there are persons on this Earth that would rather drain your energy than replenish it. They would rather see you fail and pray for your downfall than to motivate and support you. BE SELECTIVE WITH THE FRIENDS YOU KEEP! If you have really good friends and you’ve managed to puck out all the bad weeds then good for you, now appreciate the ones that are real and loyal and in return make sure you are a good friend to them as well! Thank you for reading and let me know your thoughts on this post in the comment section below.


Series: Indian Matchmaking, guys I spent last week binge watching this Netflix reality TV series and it was so funny and interesting. Auntie Sima is Mumbai’s top matchmaker and she basically helps with the Indian arranged marriage process by selecting eligible candidates for her clients. The idea of arranged marriage for the modern world is frowned upon but this is part of the Indian culture and it was interesting how much you can learn from watching something like this.

Music: NSG ‘Lupita’, NSG is a UK based group I think (not 100% sure), Nella Rose is in this video so that’s how I heard the song, it was on her insta feed and the song was really catchy. The group is promoting the beautifulness of black women, the music video has so many BEAUTIFUL BLACK QUEENS, the melanin is intoxicating! I LOVE IT! Definitely check it out.
Shenseea ‘Good Comfort’, this song isn’t for everybody, but I like it! Shenseea is a Jamaican artiste and in the song is basically talking about her good kit kat and its addictiveness, if you understand Jamaican dialect you should listen but it has explicit words (no f words).

Book: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline, I don’t usually read science fiction, but I was reading someone else’s blog and he said this was his favourite book, so I read it. It reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but more futuristic and game based. The book follows Wade a teenage boy who is on a virtual gaming quest to find Halliday’s Easter egg, if he or any other player from the OASIS (the game) finds all the keys and the egg then he/she will take over Halliday’s multi-million gaming corporation. The book has about 30 something chapters, it took me 5 days to finish it because again science fiction isn’t my favourite category. If you’re a gamer definitely read the book, there is a movie adaptation as well it’s 2 hours and a few minutes long (I didn’t watch it but it’s directed by Steven Spielberg so I’m sure it’s probably not bad). If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone as a reader, then this book is one I’d recommend.

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