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I was always unhappy – grateful but unhappy nonetheless – whenever my birthday came around because I felt every year was showing me I’m still not where I wanted to be but I didn’t realise until now that God was showing me this moment and situation is the one I needed to be in. This year I am excited, happy and I just feel like this is going to be my best birthday ever.

I don’t have any big plans I’ll be chilling and drinking with my friends then going out with my mom in the afternoon, a very simple day. However, for this birthday I am proud of all the things I’ve done: I am a college graduate – first in my immediate family to do this -, I started this blog (something I’m really proud of), I’m writing poetry and reading novels again, I’m surrounded by family and friends who love, support and motivate me every day; I FEEL SO BLESS! Of course it hasn’t been all sunshine, there have been storms: I went through a whole month of depression in February then again in June, I left someone who I thought was my equal and something long term but I choose myself and that is something I never dreamt I could do.

My advice for anyone who feels the way I used to when my birthday came around is, you are exactly where you should be, trust the process and don’t feel disappointed in yourself or your life. Everything is happening how it supposed to, don’t try to rush anything there is beauty in patience and divine timing, learn to appreciate that. I worry a lot about figuring out my 20’s and making sure I make all the right decisions, take advantage of all the opportunities given so I won’t regret anything but I won’t have everything figured out. I’m going to doubt myself and my potential on my bad days, I’ll probably love and hurt before I find my equal, I’ll end up completing that Master’s degree at 26 instead of 24, I’ll lose a few friends, have a few mental breakdowns along the way and that’s okay because life will happen how it’s supposed to happen. Carpe diem you 20 something readers! Have a good week!

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