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I’m not the type of female that waits on a guy I have a crush on to approach me, if I like you I’m going to approach you because guys are just as shy and afraid of rejection as females are. My best-friend and I were talking about how we shoot our shots and I was like why not write this week’s blog on it or rather on making the first move. Making the first move is nerve-wrecking, you are basically setting yourself up for an acceptance and shared mutual feelings or rejection.

Nobody likes rejection because it hurts and can create a few insecurities, but it also has it perks.

I think the first time I had the courage to tell a guy I liked him was the 7th grade, I got rejected because he liked my friend at the time and I was so crushed, I said I would never approach another guy again. Obviously, I didn’t stick to this oath because has time passed guys started to make their first move on me and like Steph Curry, I was shooting my shot at the 3 point line, nothing but net – sometimes -. There are two ways to shoot your shot in my opinion: the direct and indirect method, for me if my crush on the person is too intense I am using the direct method cause I don’t like having someone on my mind constantly it’s too distracting but if I can like the person from a distance then indirect it is. When it comes to someone shooting their shot at me, I like it direct and romantic!

The direct shooting your shot method requires you to just come clean and tell your crush you like them, you can do this face to face, through social media or letting a friend do it for you. My number 1 tip when using this method is to be prepared and plan what to say; it won’t be verbatim as planned especially if it’s face to face – nerves will set in – but it’s good regardless. The best face to face option is to keep it short and straightforward say hey, I think you are cute, and I have a little crush on you or I’ve been seeing you around and I like you then allow the person to reply. If you are doing it through social media, you want to come off as very interesting so your message should flow and be easy to read and try to squeeze a little joke in there. Oh, and be yourself!

I am starting to like the indirect method a little more as of lately maybe because it is very subtle, you are just hoping they read the signs right, get that you like or have a crush on them and you are trying to shoot your shot. With the indirect approach face to face you see them and stare for more than 10 seconds and smile every time you guys make eye contact or you say hi now and then if you aren’t too shy. On social media you can like their pictures and leave subtle comments, so she/he can see your consistency. The indirect method is not guaranteed to make your crush aware that you like he or she! If you are looking for a delicate way then indirectly shooting your shot is the best option, but if you want he or she to know that you like them then the direct method is the best.

Always be prepared for rejection but be grateful for it because at least you won’t have to live with what ifs and regrets about not doing it. Sometimes you don’t get rejected and the person likes you too so yaaay! How do you shoot your shot at someone you like? Did it work for you? Let me know.


Music: Lotto Boyzz ‘Miss Jagger’, if you follow Mariam Musa you would have heard this song in her ISawItFirst campaign, this song is my type of up-tempo beat and I like the message too: independent women are phenomenal.
Cardi B feat Megan Thee Stallion ‘W.A.P’, I think by now everyone knows this song so I don’t need to say much – so I won’t – this song is empowering and I applaud Cardi and Meg for making music for women to listen, relate and feel good about!

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