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The summer is ending how it should for me, not what I expected but definitely how I needed it to. I am happy for many reasons: my mental health is really good at the moment I’m enjoying it for however long it is going to last, I’ve been writing poetry almost non-stop, my family and friends are okay and I actually remained consistent with my promise to post a blog every week for August. The consistency was amazing but I’m going back to my regular schedule of posting every 2 weeks it works better for me plus the next few months are going to be extremely busy.

This summer was different from any other one I’ve experienced due to COVID-19, a lot of things I had planned had to be cancelled but everything happens for a reason, right? I am happy with the outcome because every set back is a blessing in disguise – I have had quite a few this summer – I cried, laughed inappropriately, spoken my mind, hurt but healed, smiled, and made the best of every moment. I am ready to tackle the rest of the year and do everything I promised myself I would.

There won’t be any recommendations this week because I’m currently reading ‘Words on Bathroom Walls’ by Julia Walton and I am going to watch the movie right after so look out for that review in my next blog post; I watched the trailer for the movie so I’m really excited. Thank you for reading this week’s post and let me know in the comments how your summer 2020 was. Have a good week!

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