MONEY TALK: Confessions of a RECOVERING Spendthrift

MONEY TALK: Confessions of a RECOVERING Spendthrift


A spendthrift is a person who spends money in an extravagant, irresponsible way.

Definition from Oxford Languages

It’s the weekend😊, I hope everyone is doing and feeling good! Despite the brevity of weekends, I genuinely love and savour every moment until Monday morning rolls around and everything starts all over again. Anyways, this week I really wanted to talk about money hence the title of the post, I mentioned being financially down in my last post but don’t worry I didn’t relapse, COVID-19 has left many with a lack of job security, little to no employment opportunities and reliance on savings; 2/3 I can relate to.

From an early age, I had a healthy relationship with money, I knew how to spend and save smartly; I even had a bank account and everything before age 10. Then I started high school, I began desperately trying to be like everyone else to fit in and ended up losing myself in the process.

You spend your whole life being someone else, WHO’S GONNA BE YOU?

Dan Sherry’s epic line from Handsome Devil (2016)

My allowances were being used to purchase clothes and things that now seem trivial to me when I look back at it, I was spending and never saving and on top of that I never had a summer job in high school (this is something I wished I had done!). In 2016 I called myself out; I HAD AN UNHEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY and to make it worse my major was Accounting money is supposed to be my expertise (the irony I know right). So, admitting I had a problem was the easy part for me, it was implementing and adhering to the measures I set in place to curve the problem that took some time.

In July 2019, I had a particular financial goal I wanted to accomplish for something important to me, during that particular time I remember holding myself accountable at all times, having a solid financial plan, and sticking to it. In the end, I did accomplish that goal and it’s still one of my proudest moments to date. It taught me a lot and since then I’ve been a lot better with my money (thank God for that). I wanted to share 4 tips that I think would be helpful.

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Tip #1 DENOUNCE THE IDEA THAT YOU WILL NEVER HAVE A GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY. Mentally prepare yourself and declare that being smart with your money is possible and you can do it. It is YOUR money therefore YOU control it; it doesn’t control you!
Tip #2 Hold yourself accountable at all times. If you slip don’t let it go unnoticed let yourself know this action is not financially beneficial so you can’t do that anymore.
Tip #3 Create realistic financial goals and plans then budget accordingly. Do not overextend yourself or follow a budget plan that doesn’t match your income and expenses.
Tip #4 Separate your savings and spending accounts. Place your savings in a credit union (they are the best option in my opinion) and use a commercial bank for spending.

If you have any tips, you’d like to share feel free to leave it in the comment section I’d like to know. Also, a big shout to readers in Zambia and Anguilla I saw that my content is viewed a lot in these two countries and it’s greatly appreciated thank you.


I haven’t read a book or watched a movie in 2 or 3 weeks gonna have to change that for this month so expect a book and movie suggestion soon. Anyways go watch Burna Boy & Stormzy’s ‘Real Life’ music video. I love this song and all the songs from Burna’s album but I’m still on the fence on whether Stormzy’s solo songs are my cup of tea but I like him on features.

4 thoughts on “MONEY TALK: Confessions of a RECOVERING Spendthrift

  1. All the best my young and smart friend. When I advise young ones when they start to earn is to: First take out money for charity – Min 5% maybe more. Then save about 20% and after that spend with joy 😊

    money has no energy of its own. It picks up our energy 😇

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