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The pop-culture term body count means the number of people you’ve had sex with.

Yes they have an actual term for that LOL

Last night (Saturday) my cousin and I were on the phone talking about relationships then the topic of body count came into discussion, she then proceeded to take a verbal body stock (she was listing the number of persons she has had slept with) and mentally I did the same; her number was more than 5 less than 10, mine was more than 1 less than 5. She then said our older male cousin said as long as it’s below 10 we are good, over 10 and it’s too much.

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I LAUGHED. . . loud and uncontrollably, I couldn’t keep it in even if I had tried. If we were men, there would be no such thing as ‘it’s too much’ but because we are women that rule applies to us (I rolled my eyes after typing that just in case you were wondering).

Later that night while I was watching Enola Holmes on Netflix, I thought does your body count really matter? I guess it would depend on who you ask that question, the answer might be a definite yes or nonchalant no. For me, it’s a NAWWW, who you choose to share your body with is your business and you are free to share it with as many persons as you deem fit. Society has attached a judgemental label on persons specifically women who choose to be sexually liberated and not conform to its sex norms.

Easy A is one of those movies that shows us how society view females they think are ‘too promiscuous’ and not ‘virtuous’, if you haven’t watched it then you should. This movie is a true replication of the Caribbean, here males with high numbers are praised and almost idolized while females are heavily judged and aren’t seen as ‘wifey material’.

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At one point I started to worry about my number and how others would view me if it increased then I stopped, my choices are mine and nobody else’s, I will not give society control over a body they don’t own. When I hear a potential partner’s number and it’s more than I expected I do get a little stunned, but it doesn’t change my feelings or perception of who they are as a person. There are so many factors to consider on what makes someone a good person, their number shouldn’t be one.

Shoutout to Iceland a few videos on Icelandic culture has indicated that high or low body count isn’t an issue for women or men there because they don’t care; our society can learn a thing or two from Iceland. A number doesn’t define a person in my opinion! Do you think it matters?
Have a wonderful week everyone! THANKS FOR READING 💕

8 thoughts on “BODY COUNT: DOES IT MATTER?

  1. Lol great read!!! That’s a good question. I think body counts matter if you’re a female and not so much if you’re a male.. crazy right.. my current guy has over 20 bodies and I have less than five 🥴🥴

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  2. Oh god – over 10 and you’re in girly trouble?
    I’m doomed 😆🤪
    (But you ARE totally right. However ‘advanced’ we may be in the days of feminism and emancipation – high body counts are still a no-no. I’ll just be a rebel!)

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  3. Body count is whatever you are comfortable with for your body. That number never has to be discussed. It all depends on what it is you want. I just wrote a blog post on women having “hoe phases.” Women need to lived THEIR lives and do whatever they want. If they want to have multiple partners, one partner, stay a virgin till marriage, or practice celibacy, that is your business. That’s it and that’s all! So you are so right, good read.

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