A SERENDIPITY MOMENT . . . Or At least That’s What I’m Calling It

A SERENDIPITY MOMENT . . . Or At least That’s What I’m Calling It

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I told myself if I were still thinking about yesterday’s unanticipated moment after all the nerves and excitement subsided then I would write about it. Lately, I’ve been more inclined to share more of myself on my blog, the space feels comfortable. Before we dive into what happened, I want to know do you believe in fate or coincidence? Be honest. I think things happen because God has orchestrated them to, I’ll go into why I believe in God in another post, but I do believe everything happens for a reason and every action has a reaction.

Now let me tell you what happened yesterday.

My mom couldn’t pick me up from work because she was working overtime so I had two options: take the bus or ask a friend for a ride, I hate being a bother to anybody especially if it’s not a dire situation, and since it wasn’t I opted to take the bus. Before leaving work I asked my coworker if she had lotion, she gave me this vanilla-scented cream (I LOVE VANILLA) that smelt amazing, I then jokingly said to her “I just might meet a guy or the love of my life thanks to this lotion” we laughed and then I left a few minutes after.

My neighborhood is smacked in the middle of two areas, I can take a bus from the west or east terminal to get home. I usually take a bus from the west because they don’t take forever to leave the terminal but it’s a 30-minute walk from the bus stop to my house while it’s a 10-15 minute walk if I take the bus from the east but the wait in that terminal is LONG!

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Maybe I was in a really good mood yesterday and that’s why I took the east bus or maybe that’s how it was meant to happen. The bus leaves me at the bakery and I started walking then I felt rain droplets, so I grabbed my umbrella, opened it, and continued my walk. Before I could say ‘she sells seashells by the seashore’ the drizzle turned into a raging outpour!

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I couldn’t see the road, my skirt was soaked, and I looked like a wet cat (it wasn’t a pretty sight) I had to look for shelter! I didn’t want to turn back to the bakery (blame the superstitious Jamaican in me), I looked across the road and saw an apartment complex and this big purple plumbing supply building. Afraid of looking creepy sheltering by someone’s door, the plumbing building was the obvious choice for me.

While speed walking to the building I kept saying I have the worst luck whenever it rains and I’m outside, I should renew my learner’s permit, learn to drive, and get my driver’s license among other things.

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I get to the building and run to shelter where they keep the pipes instead of the office area (I didn’t want to intrude) plus where the pipes and other supplies were is MASSIVE, I wouldn’t be hindering the business.

I notice a guy is sitting 20 or 25 feet away from me, obviously on his lunch break cause he’s watching something on his phone. I smile then turned around to look at the rain I was a little scared, but I had no better option; it was the building or a severe cold the next morning. I don’t know when he moved because I was preoccupied with my thoughts of bad luck, but he came back with a chair and placed it where I was standing then went back to sit.

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That was my first thought then I really looked at him, more like a very intense stare because I didn’t before. HE WAS CUTE! From his appearance, I could tell he was Hispanic (he was dressed really well) most likely Dominicano plus he was watching something in Spanish. We started talking Spanglish (English & Spanish) my Spanish isn’t great but it’s not bad and he was impressed I could tell. The outpour turned back into a drizzle and I was going to leave but he told me I should wait until it finishes before I do, so I did.
The rain finally stops, I’m about to leave and he was outside doing something so I put the chair beside his and went outside. I saw him washing his hands, I thanked him for the chair then he asked me my name, I told him the shortened version and asked him for his; our names kinda rhymed so we chuckled.

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He didn’t ask for my number, I thought he was going to, but he didn’t. I was going to ask for his, but he made me tongue-tied and nervous. I smiled and left. I’ve been thinking about this all day today, I’m filled with what-ifs, but I still smile whenever I think about him and that moment.

Guys, I’m not making any of this up I swear, it really happened. What would you have done? Do you think it was coincidental or fate?
Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “A SERENDIPITY MOMENT . . . Or At least That’s What I’m Calling It

  1. That is so sweet my young friend. If he is meant for you, he will come in your life.
    There are no coincidences and there are no chance happenings. We are all puppets and He has all the strings in His hands 💖🤗

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