In Your Opinion, WHAT’S A HAPPY LIFE?

In Your Opinion, WHAT’S A HAPPY LIFE?

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If you read my last post and have somewhat of a photographic memory, then you’d know this was one of the 22 questions to Ask a Potential Partner.

However, someone asked me this question last night, it’s important to note I was drinking wine when I answered, and if you don’t know drunk minds speak sober thoughts. I didn’t think about my answer, drinking relaxes my usual overthinking, introverted, and organized state of being so it was pure bluntness and 100% honesty.

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What’s a happy life for CassanieK? (that’s my name btw, it’s pronounced cass-san-neek)

“My family is good” When I say that I mean they are healthy (physically, mentally, and emotionally) and they are in a position to take care of themselves financially. I would also love to be in a good financial position to take care of them because I’m from a small, close-knit family, and growing up FAMILY WAS EVERYTHING (to this day, they still are for me).

“My friends are good” The same thing I want for my family goes for my friends as well, I’m constantly wishing my friends well because being young and trying to figure it out hasn’t been easy so I want the best for them. Real and loyal friendships are valued and important to me.

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“I’m doing something I love and with someone I love” career happiness is a big deal for me, I don’t want to choose something because I’d make good money from it but my energy and passion would be drained. While the wine did its thing, I thought about my Accounting degree and what’s next for me and to be honest . . . I paused, I’m not sure what’s next is going to be what’s best and I don’t know how to feel about all this.

And with someone I love. . . Love in a relationship or marriage isn’t the only component needed for continuous happiness and longevity but it’s a crucial one well at least for me. I want to wake up (in the near future) and look over at the person next to me and be like “DAMNNN, your presence still doesn’t irritate me”

“My relationship with God is strong, it’s good now but it can be better” On Tuesday or Wednesday I completed my read of the Holy Bible, I read it in its entirety, disappointed with some chapters and intrigued by others. I formed my own opinions, decided what I choose to believe in and my belief and trust remain strongly in God, but the Holy Bible is up for big discussion, again at least for me.

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I left most of these closing sentences in uncertainty because that’s how I’m feeling now; uncertain and the realization of everything makes me a little scared. I’m 22 but life feels different for me, I know what I want but what I want might not be what I need and this is the reason I created my blog. I craved an outlet that would make me comfortable enough to share these thoughts and feelings.

My 20’s scare me because I’m trying to break generational curses, find my purpose and I know there are other persons out there who feel the same way I do so I’m writing for you and me.


I genuinely want to know, how old are you and what’s a happy life for you? Be honest
Thanks for reading and have a wine-filled weekend!

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