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When I was little I knew my biggest weakness would be my heart. I was always too soft and compassionate but I couldn’t stop even if I tried and let me tell you I HAVE REALLY TRIED.

Some people realize this weakness in me early on and took full advantage of it! Of course karma paid them back, I shouldn’t be happy about that but I am, you shouldn’t be allowed to do good people bad . . . it’s just not right.

When I was in high school, there was a boy in my class name Eric and he would always say nice guys finish last, his reason behind this was some girls never appreciate the good guy because they are always too busy chasing the guy who doesn’t care about them.

For me this saying doesn’t just apply to relationships, there is a world filled with people who prey on the kindhearted and as a woman it feels like we are their biggest target. While attending two women’s workshop this week I definitely learned something, all the speakers kept saying the same thing ‘learn to say no and prioritize yourself’ and one of the speakers shared a quote “how good is your yes if you never say no”.

Allow that quote to sink in wonderful humans of the Internet . . . .

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Last week was exhausting, I was so busy I barely had time for myself but I took a break over the weekend because I deserved it! I don’t feel motivated to write blogs as much, Young Women in Leadership has been one of my focuses for this month but tomorrow is my parliament speech on gender equality and that will conclude the program (I’ll be writing about my experience) so maybe after that I will start posting more often again.

Thanks for reading and have a good week!

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