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Something is different about me this New Year’s Eve, maybe it’s the slightly hellish/eye-opening week I’ve had, this new hair cut or piercing but I don’t have any resolutions to make for 2021. Every year I make a list of things I’m going to do for the new year, for example I’ll create a list of 20 things I want to do and only accomplish 10 then I will spend the end of the year disappointed about the 10 things I didn’t do.

Call me unambitious or lazy but for 2021 I HAVE NO RESOLUTIONS; I’m not embarrassed about it and I don’t feel the need to have any. A lot happened this year and this week which made me re-evaluate myself and my life before this new year! Is it weird to find a piece of yourself literally a day before a new year begins? I did.

I feel at peace going into 2021, I started this blog, I graduated college, my poetry writing has gotten better, my family and what friends I have left are happy and good, I opened my heart and loved someone, my relationship with God is better than I thought it would be and most importantly I’m not a square trying to do circle things anymore; I’m doing square things. The only thing I want for 2021 is to continue what I have now and keep doing me to be honest.

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I AM HAPPY, I am happy with my life, myself, the people around me, the choices and decisions I’ve made and the path I’m on. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! CHEERS TO 2021!

Thanks for reading, stay safe!


  1. I think 2020 changed everything, now this new year is here the best hope is to stay alive, avoid the virus if you can, if you do get it then dont worry because you can survive the virus, being kind to yourself and others, appreciating the health services, say the words I love you more, all these things don’t cost anything just your time, be safe my lovely blog friend


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