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This is not the post I envisioned writing on a quiet Sunday morning but here I am writing what is really on my mind. Maybe I’ve watched too many episodes of Netflix’s Bridgerton (you should definitely check that series out) or I spent too much time with him yesterday; my mind can’t decide so let’s split the yolk equally and blame them both.

If you are wondering who the he is that I’m speaking of just simply read A Serendipity Moment . . . Or Atleast That’s I’m Calling It, YOUNG, DUMB & IN LOVE and maybe AN EMOTIONAL MESS if you are up for it. He is still apart of my life, I don’t how to explain it or why we find solitude within each; it scares me, it scares me a lot to be in love like this but what can I do it? I can either embrace it or reject it . . . I’m a little indecisive!

Enough of the emotions (I might write a different post for that) but the truth is he awakened sexual things within my V that I didn’t know existed, maybe they were sleeping or they simply weren’t there until he came along, I don’t know. After him nothing has been the same, he gives more than he gets in bed and he sets my building on fire!

I think it’s episode 5 or 6, Simon and Daphne are finally married and they are spending their honeymoon night at an inn, they both want to talk to each other but won’t. After a moment of indecisiveness they meet each other halfway (literally), Simon confesses to her that he burns for her and she is taken aback but confesses she too burns for him. I replayed that scene because I can wholeheartedly relate to it!

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A sexual awakening is the first time in a person’s life in which they experience a euphoric feeling and desire to be physically intimate with someone.

I like this definition

I didn’t know the view at the top of the mountain could be so beautiful and breathtaking, sometimes I’m in shock that I see that view 5 times in one day! He’s good . . . that word is an understatement but I won’t swell his head with any other adjective, it’s already big.

I wrote a collection of poems yesterday I’m going to print it and get the opinions of close friends and family; I think I want to publish it. Thanks for reading!

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