In the Pursuit of Something . . .

In the Pursuit of Something . . .

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Have you ever watched Moana? If you haven’t then please do, because Disney did good when they released that animated film and the soundtrack is AMAZING!!!!

Moana has my heart in her hands and ‘How Far I’ll Go’ has probably made me cry more times than I’d liked to admit but that song really gives me the feels! Moana’s desire to sail the sea and listen to that voice within is something we can all identify with.

Sometimes it’s hard to hear your own voice when you are surrounded by the loud shouts of others, it’s even more difficult when those loud shouts are telling you what they think is right for you; everyone is a critic (that’s the saying right?). Seriously though, everybody wants to tell you what to do as if they have it all figured out, but they keep forgetting that your mistakes are your own and you are the one that learns from them.

Yes, Moana sailed the sea against her father’s wishes, it wasn’t smooth sailing – it was hard – but she stuck with it! She could have turned back, sailed home with her chicken and listen to all the ‘I told you so’ but she didn’t instead she continued to trust her intuition and that voice inside her.

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I tune into me, I find my frequency and accept that silencing the voice within me and turning the volume up on the outside shouts won’t make me happy. In the pursuit of something, you could lose everything you’ve known but guess what? See the line where the sky meets the sea it calls me, one day I’ll know (Moana reference again). You have to listen to yourself and find out what really awaits you beyond that line, trust the signs and chase your dream.

Lately I’ve been manifesting a lot and I can’t wait to see these things come to fruition, January wasn’t a great start for me but I’m not ready to throw in the towel for 2021. So if anybody else has been feeling less than optimistic remember a new day means another opportunity to restart or start.

So just keep swimming . . . (that was a Dori reference)

Thanks for reading, have a good week everyone, sending lots of positive energy and good vibes your way!

8 thoughts on “In the Pursuit of Something . . .

  1. So true, I’ve been lucky enough to not have to deal with too many outside critics. I am my worst critic. I can be pretty hard on myself. So it definitely is a challenge quieting down that part of myself. Sometimes that means making amends and accepting what cannot be changed. That is my most recent struggle.

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