We don’t have a scale in my house and honestly I don’t think we ever will, I can see the havoc it would reek in my household and I much prefer the peaceful, tears-free and diet-less environment of my dwelling. The point I’m trying to make is a scale makes you aware of weight gain you sometimes rather not know and that’s what happened when I visited the gynecologist last month.

Now I’m 5’1 but my attitude is 6’2 babyyyyy, I know I should weigh less for my height but Physical Education was my least favourite subject in high school and the thought of exercising honestly makes me sick but when I stepped on that scale in Dr. Gwen’s office last month I was ready to run a whole marathon and invest in a scale to keep track of my weight.

I WEIGH 160 LBS! I WEIGH 160 LBS! I WEIGH 160 LBS! (72.57 kg for my European readers)

I struggle with self-love and body positivity so this lowkey hurt for me but after sitting down and assessing my body, the only thing I’m not fond of is my little fupa/belly fat. It’s the only part of me I would like to see some weight loss because I love my thick thighs, I finally have the gluteus maximus (ass) I’ve been praying for and big boobs run in my family so I’ve accepted mine.

I accept those parts of me but I still want to lose a few pounds and tone my body, I don’t need to be 110 because I don’t want to be, it’s not my desired weight. So I’m going to buy a body shaper, attempt to exercise with my coworker and see how it goes, wish me luck!

Does that green juice 5 day cleanse actually work? It’s on my list of things to try, I’ve stopped drinking cold water and now I’m a lukewarm, room temperature drinking type of gal and I also do that lemon water in the morning thingy (it works wonders for my bowl movement, truthfully).

If you have any tips feel free to share, I’m all ears!

3 thoughts on “BODY WEIGHT

  1. Stomach fat is the hardest to lose. 😩 Cutting carbs (like bread and rice) helped mine shrink down. Oh and you mentioned you didn’t really enjoy PE. Try finding something you enjoy that works for you like ZUMBA or riding a bike. Something you’ll actually look forward to doing. That’ll help with consistency.

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  2. Body weight in my opinion shouldn’t be an issue, learn to love yourself and others will love you. also in my opinion all women are beautiful and im sure that the people who love you all feel the same way about you.


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