Secretly Blogging

Secretly Blogging

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When I started blogging I was extremely nervous and unsure of myself and my writing so I would only send my posts to close family and friends. For a while that’s all I would do then one day I stopped, this blog became like a personal diary for me and I didn’t want to share it with the people who knew me.

My blog isn’t linked in my Instagram bio, I don’t promote it on Facebook or post about it on Whatsapp and I do all this because I don’t want anyone to feel to obligated to read it and also I’m hypersensitive about my writing. I know I shouldn’t think like that but I do, I want people to read my blog out of genuineness so I’ve opted to blog secretly and whoever stumbles upon it then yaaay! It’s been about 6 months of secret blogging, I like it and my writing has improved so occasionally the thought has crossed my mind to let it be known that I do share my innermost thoughts on the worldwide web for strangers from all walks of life to read.

It’s still just a thought . . .

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I can handle mean and uber-critical strangers (to some extent), their opinions don’t have any value at my brain bank because they don’t know me and I don’t know them, it is as simple as that. I don’t want to have to explain myself and blog to family, friends or acquaintance, I also don’t want to get shy and start censoring myself and my writing because I know people who know me are reading.

Blogging makes me feel good, I’m not uploading posts everyday and I’m barely consistent with the one post per week mantra I try to repeat every Sunday.

Eventually I will want to share this blog but I want to be more secure and ready when I do. . . At this moment in time I’m not ready.

BUTTTTTTTTTTT never say never is my outlook so maybe one day, it could be this year or the next I don’t know and I’m not rushing myself to know.

Have a good weekend everyone!

2 thoughts on “Secretly Blogging

  1. Feel you on that! It took me a long time to let people into my world. I am just starting to come out and I am just now telling my close friends and family. It seemed easier to post stuff for strangers, than for me to share with my peeps. I have become more confident in what I do, so that helps. I hope you will eventually tell more people.

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    1. You put a lot of effort into your blog and it’s like your baby so it’s kinda scary to share it with family and close friends because they know you and would say things a random stranger probably wouldn’t. I’m working on my confidence level, hoping to be brave enough by the end of the year but no rush😣


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