Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

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There isn’t anything else I crave more right now than peace of mind, I only want to feel the ease in my thoughts and the positive shift in my thinking and that’s all. Any negative disruption will be removed because it adds no value to me.

Girl in Her Twenties

I’ve been doing really good lately despite the stress of being a self-publisher! I feel bad about not writing on my blog but I know once I’ve tied up all these book loose ends I’ll be back again and writing more consistently I hope.

My mental health is actually healthy, does that make sense? I’ve dedicated my weekends to self-care and only doing things that generate peace of mind, happiness and sometimes mischief; it’s been fun. I celebrated one year of blogging last month, when I reflected on that year I was a little teary, I didn’t expect to be doing something like this but yet I’m doing it and loving it at the same time. So many people from different parts of the world are reading little old Cassie’s thoughts and I’m like woooow, look at that!

Lately I’ve been obsessing about getting a red butterfly tattoo and two words (BREATHE & POETISA), I’ve chalked it up to being a poet and using my body as expression like I do with my writing, I might do it this summer or maybe earlier I’m still iffy about the pain and stuff. I also have this weird vibe to move, like I just want to be living in a different country, I don’t know why.

Also, I’m very focused on making money (not in a greedy way), sis really wants to secure the bag harder than usual because I think I can envision the life I want for myself and I know that it requires financial stability. There’s been a lot of thinking and manifestating on my end, I hoping to write about all this in May.

This won’t be a long post because I want to catch up on all the blogs I’ve missed and do some secretarial stuff for my Leo Club before I go to bed. I hope everyone is doing good and your week is not too stressing.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Peace of Mind

  1. It does feel bad to not update the blog, doesn’t it? Even though we don’t really gain much other than personal sharing. I myself am driven by guilt to update my blog, which I think is a good thing, or else I wouldn’t even do anything, lol. Anyway, wishing you all the best for your book!

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    1. Guilt is a nice driving force don’t you think😂 I’m hoping I’ll feel enough guilt to turn me into a consistent blogger in the near future.
      Thank you so much, it’s a pain in the ass but I’m proud of it💕😣


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