Mentally Exhausted . . . Send Help

Mentally Exhausted . . . Send Help

Photo source: Shadee Care

Would anybody like to switch minds? At the moment, mine could use some much needed rest and since its owner (me) thinks she can keep pushing herself without consequences let’s switch before it’s too late!

I’M MENTALLY EXHAUSTED!!! I’m so tired to the point where I find conversing a difficult task, I find myself eager to take afternoon naps and irritably if I don’t take said naps. I know why I’m mentally exhausted (darn you overthinking) but I can’t seem to stop, it feels like a reflex at the moment.

I could confess what I’m overthinking about but it’s private, I haven’t been able to talk to a single soul about it which is surprising because I’m a certified expresser and there is no shame in my expressing game well except for the 5 or so things on my mind currently stopping my game of expression.

My mind is clogged! Somebody find me a mental plumber . . . asap lol

Photo source: Pinterest

May is Mental Health Awareness Month and with that being said I just want to say take care of your mind, prioritize your mental health and maintain your peace of mind. I’m going to take my own advice and light a candle, drink some wine and just relax my mind after I publish this blogpost.

Happy hump day everyone and enjoy the rest of your week!



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