Where Are You Reading This From?

Where Are You Reading This From?

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Every time I publish a blog post, I wait at least a day before checking my stats, don’t worry I don’t check them to see my view count instead I check to see where those readers are from . . . I’m always curious . . . always . . . always

WHERE ARE YOU READING THIS FROM? By ‘this’ I mean my blog and of course I know where you are reading from because WordPress makes sure of that but I still have to ask for dramatic purposes of course. I’m always curious about some of the ‘viewers/readers’ of this blog since most of you only read and never comment.

You read the entire post but just never commented, why is this that?

There is someone in Romania who reads every post, I’m always wondering what do you think of my blog because you never miss a blog post? Well you and the other Europeans who do read it – I see y’all -.

There has been a lot of Latin/Hispanic readers and I’m assuming it’s because of No Hablo Español: Dating With a Language Barrier so I think I should give y’all an update on how my Spanish learning is going so far. I’m enrolled in free level 2 Spanish classes offered by the Venezuelan Embassy in my country and it’s clear I understand when the language is being spoken or written but I can’t speak it as well as I understand it (esto me frustra muchísimo). I need to work on my vocabulary, conjugating verbs and my sober confidence when speaking the language. At this point, I’m convinced the best way to actually learn is to just move to a Spanish-speaking country and completely immerse myself, I’d probably choose Chile, Cuba or Uruguay if I could. . . Maybe Argentina because I love their style of Reggaeton music!

There are quite a few readers from India, I’ve noticed majority of Indian bloggers write poetry, like really good poetry too! I’m hoping I’ll have more time this summer to read and discover more of that. Also since I’m in the Asian region I do see viewers from Indonesia and the Philippines too! Is Turkey considered an Asian or European country because they are kind of like the gateway to both continents? Yeah I see you readers from Turkey, I actually read a blog from a Turkish blogger and I really liked what I read, I need to find that blog again .

Of course there’s the UK and US, this is where my curiousity peaks again because I know you are reading from the US or UK but WordPress doesn’t tell me which state (US) or island/isle (UK) . . . Tell me because I wanna know.

Then there is the beautiful continent of Africa, I notice Nigeria, Morocco, Tunisia a lot. I know about these countries because I’m an avid 90 day fiancé watcher and a lot of cast members are from these countries. I also identify as Afro-Caribbean so I’m always watching Geography Now to learn more because knowledge is power!

My region is the Caribbean and I don’t get a lot of readers only my best friend and co worker LOL maybe because I refuse to publicize that write blogs; I’m working on being more courageous.

Wherever you are reading this from, just know that I’m happy that you took the time out to view my content, a year ago I started this blog because I was extremely passionate about writing (I still am) and I wanted to create a space where I could express how I’m feeling and meet people who were doing the same thing, I know my consistency sucks but I’m going to try to write more, I just need to be in the right headspace because I’m my biggest critic and I always want to publish my best blogs; this is a documentation of my twenties after all.

Thanks for reading!

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