Everything is OKAY

Everything is OKAY

Photo source: WallpaperAccess

Some nights I wish I could go back in life. Not to change shit, just to feel a couple things twice.


For majority of my life I’ve felt like I’ve trained myself to just survive because just surviving made sense to me but the thing is I’ve been so busy trying to do it that I haven’t fully lived, can you relate?

Lately, I’ve been living and damn I’m happy to be having these moments and I want to share a few on my blog. These photos were taken on my cracked and slightly outdated Samsung Galaxy Note Edge so don’t complain about photo quality, if y’all want iPhone quality photo y’all gonna have to buy that iPhone and ship it to me LOL.


This is a gift from Teacher’s Appreciation Week, one of the kids gave it to me. I cried cause I loveeeee a finger paint card!!!! I got a lavender-scented candle which is perfect for someone like me who drinks wine all weekend and listens to 90’s music.
I invited some friends over, I think it was Whit Monday or Labour Day and I cooked a whole 3-course meal which included fried chicken. I’m only happy to cook when I’m having friends over lol.
I’m obsess with these fruit snacks!!!!! I buy one everyday, the mini mart is currently out of strawberry because of me (patiently waiting on her to restock). They taste wayyyy better than Welch’s to me, I can actually taste that its made from fruits. (Yes that’s how I open snack items)
One of my favourite poems from my poetry book. This is the first copy I ever received from Lulu, for the final copy I changed the fonts, page colour (from white to cream) and spiced it up a little.
Took this picture today because I’m about to officially launch my book and I need to post about it on social media to generate sales, I’m soooo nervous.
A blurry picture of Darkwood Beach, one of my favourite beaches on the island.
This is not my photo, I found it on Google because I’m looking to get a tattoo this summer and this is exactly what I want. Do tattoos hurt?
Found this on Instagram, I think it was on my explore page. I’m so happy I found it because it speaks to my soul, I need to find this book and its author!
Night out with my friends, I’m dabbling in matchmaking again and my two friends aren’t too happy about it but I think they would make a good couple.
Wearing all black makes me feel powerful lately. That’s my sweater just hanging lol
UP, CLOSE AND PERSONAL SELFIE! Fun Fact I lost the matching earrings and had to wear my silver hoop earrings instead; they are heavy asf.
Peace out, YOLO!!!!!

I definitely plan on documenting my life more both through writing and pictures, I want my future children to see me living.

I hope everyone is doing good, continue to stay safe y’all.

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