Accountability . . . LEARN TO OWN UP TO YOUR S&!T

Accountability . . . LEARN TO OWN UP TO YOUR S&!T

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the quality or state of being accountable, especially: an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions

Definition of ‘Accountability’ by Merriam Webster Dictionary

If accepting the consequences of your actions was a superpower, I’d be almighty and powerful! As a kid, I would do things and I knew I’d get in trouble but that never phased me because I knew when the time came to face the consequences, I wouldn’t run; my mom thinks that’s my best quality to this day, I’m accountable.

There is a lesson in every experience, whether you got the shitty end or the honey dip part of it. Being accountable is understanding the role you played in the situation, accepting that there were things that you could have done differently and learning from it, well at least that’s accountability to me.

Since I’ve done a few things that I’m holding myself accountable for this week, I thought I’d share some tips on how to own up to your shit.

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You will gain nothing from the “I’m right and they’re wrong” way of thinking, instead focus on explaining how each persons’ actions contributed to the domino effect then zoom in on your actions and own your part. Sometimes we enable others, sometimes others are enabling us, being able to say ‘I could have done this better’ or ‘I shouldn’t have said/did this’ is being more accountable in my eyes. The blame game happens a lot in work environments, nobody likes to be accountable for a screw up but imagine how easy it would be if everyone just owned their parts of the mayhem.


You can’t change the situation but you can make amends, a sincere ‘I’m sorry’ can go a far way especially if your actions have hurt the person or yourself. Sometimes you’ve put yourself in a situation that you had no business being in and you got hurt, the other person might offer no apology because they don’t give af but that doesn’t mean you can’t apologize to yourself and close that chapter and move on.


This is self-explanatory really, you did what you did and now you have to own up to the part you played. It’s scary sometimes but remember everything is a learning experience in life and there is a wealth of knowledge attached to every mistake you make. My accounting teacher would always tell me ‘everything is trial and error so don’t be afraid’ and that’s one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, I think this might be one of my favourites! Happy Monday and enjoy the rest of your week ladies and gentlemen, stay safe!

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