Falling in Love Vs Standing (Growing) in Love

Falling in Love Vs Standing (Growing) in Love

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The instant, intense and whirlwind version of love has always appealed to me, that’s what I consider as ‘falling in love’ while growing in love is more steady and intimate, it’s taking your time to learn and understand the simple and intricate small and big parts of your partner.

Girl in Her Twenties

Maybe it’s the Leo in me or a personal trait inherited from an ancestor but falling passionately in love has always been both intoxicating and captivating for me; it’s my preferred version of love or at least it was. Don’t be concerned, my last relationship didn’t render me completely emotionally unavailable, however, I do think throwing caution to the wind ain’t a bad idea.

Recently my best friend said to me he’s taking his time with his new relationship, he’s growing in love instead of falling in it and I thought “darn after so many fast & furious, crash and burn relationships, would growing in love be such a bad thing”, I didn’t bother to answer my thoughts because I wanted to write about it.

Then there was a quote on Instagram that said being understood is the rarest form of intimacy and I completely agree, this ties into the whole growing in love concept I have (let me explain). I don’t believe someone can instantly understand you or vice versa, there is instant connection for sure but being understood takes time, falling in love from my point of view doesn’t offer that time, maybe because it is an incontrollable tornado to me.

It’s a different feeling being understood, it’s a game changer in a relationship and I believe it’s best achieved through the growing in love approach.

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It’s not a bad thing to fall in love and it’s not a boring thing to grow in it either, you can mix the two and get the best of both worlds like Hannah Montana if you can.

Whenever I become emotionally available, I would like to venture down the growing in love path just to see how it feels, I assume it would be slow like planting a seed and patiently waiting on it to grow but it would be worth it when the seed breaks the soil and starts flourishing.

Tell me about your love experiences, have you ever fell in love or grew in love? What was the outcome?

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