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I’m really starting to see how much of an overly dramatic Leo I am with this blog post title but I like it so we are sticking with it my loves. I’ve just sent out my zillionth resume and cover letter and you’d think I’d be frustrated but surprisingly I’m not, instead I’m very optimistic like a caffeine addict, high off coffee and life babyyyyyy (no I’m not faking it, I’m really hopeful for reasons unbeknownst to me).

I’m okay with a steady 9-5 to be completely honest.

Girl in Her Twenties

I grew up seeing the women around me always working, hard too so while I didn’t know what career path I would take, I knew I wanted a good job, one better than what my mom had and one that would eventually become a good career for me. Like I said in I Wanna Be Where The Money Resides!, I’m not aspiring to be crazy rich but your girl would like to be a homeowner before her late thirties, travel some countries, appease my online shopping addiction and take care of those around me; financial freedom is my goal not the desire to be rich.

When I compared my fresh out of high school 2016 resume with my 2021 unemployed twenty something girl resume, I can see the growth and I feel proud. Jobs are hard to come by right now, it’s a whole pandemic still in play and most persons are unemployed and trying to re-enter the work force, it’s competitive and you might feel discourage but stay strong!

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I understand and I have dealt with the feelings of frustration, depression and distraction through hours of binge watching Netflix series, I know how it all feels and I’m thankful for faith in God, songs like SZA ‘Good days’ and supportive friends and family because it’s hard when you want or need something and you are trying soooo hard but nothing is happening.

There was a quote on Instagram (yes, I’m always on Instagram because I have nothing going on in my life I’m single and unemployed LOL, you can follow me at _cassaniek_), anyways back to the quote, it said “this is just a chapter, not your whole story sis”, I have never forgotten this and I mentally repeat it like a prayer when I feel stuck or hopeless, bad days don’t last forever and good days aren’t savoured enough.

I’m going to bed now, the sun is coming up and I need to rest because I’ll be binge watching Too Hot To Handle Brazil on Netflix today (don’t judge me people).

Stay safe and hopeful!


  1. This is what I am also going through right now, it’s not easy. This is uplifting—knowing someone is still optimistic when it comes to this kind of situation that we are currently in. Reading this is truly an encouragement. Stay hopeful! 😊

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    1. You’ll get through it, it’s okay to get frustrated and depressed but don’t stay frustrated and depressed😊 Keep sending out your CV/resume, ask around if you can and do a lot of manifestation😂
      I hope you’ll get something soon💞


    1. I’m glad you can relate, I was very frustrated and depressed in the beginning. I didn’t want to talk to my friends or family, I just wanted to stay in bed all day but I knew pessimism wasn’t going to be any good so I opted to be optimistic (no job as yet but I’m manifesting and hopeful).
      How has the job search been going for you??


      1. I graduated from college in December 2020 and have been looking for a job since then but have not been able to get one yet because of the pandemic and the economic crisis in my country. I like that you are manifesting one, in fact I’m doing it too and I feel calm. I hope you get it soon!


      2. That’s right! Well, in Venezuela things are worse… There is inflation and few job offers in my area in my country (I’m a journalist) But I have faith that I’ll get something very soon.


      3. Do you plan to take a more serious journalistic path like writing about economies, climate change, local/global issues or a more sociable path like fashion, beauty, women related writing?
        You will get something eventually💕

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      4. I would like to grow my blog and reach many people by helping them overcome personal experiences or mental health issues. But I’m open to anything. Thanks for your support! 🙂

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