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It was definitely love at first sight when I was first introduced to accounting at the tender age of 16 in my first Principles of Accounting class with Miss Nicholson. At the time, I was a science student so I had been studying Biology, Physics and Chemistry at my previous high school but I moved to Antigua where my new school wasn’t offering those, it was purely business-related subjects.

I was very nervous going into it and was fearful I’d fail the first term, however, I ended up passing all my classes and really enjoying business subjects specifically Accounting. After graduating, I applied to my local community college to pursue an Associate degree in Business Administration despite my heart belonging to Accounting, my mind was again fearful that I wouldn’t be able to handle Accounting at the college level.

After two semesters I switched my major to Accounting, I had done Accounting Principles 1 & 2 and those two courses really cemented my accounting capabilities so I trusted the good grades and my heart and made the switch; I don’t regret it.

Accounting and I have that love/hate relationship that will probably withstand the test of time. I runaway and somehow I end up right where I started; accounting and I.

Girl in Her Twenties

After graduating college, I was worried once again that I’d end up in a complacent accounting career so I ran for the hills and I tried different options both while studying in college and post college. I learned I’m not built for customer service, Marketing & Social Media would leave me drained, I love different cultures and languages but International Relations ain’t it for me among other trial and error options.

Accounting just always made sense to me, I don’t know if that’s a good enough explanation but it’s good enough for me. I love the calculations, the financial reporting aspect and the language of money that it speaks. I want to pursue Psychology along with Accounting but I’m a broke 22 year old living with her mother so I’m taking it one step at a time, I’m thinking about completing my Bachelors in Accounting because I have transferrable credits so I can finish it up within a year and half maybe if the money is right and flowing.

Yes Accounting isn’t the most exciting career path but it is a stable income, you have so many career options and you can pursue your passions on the side, I’ve seen many accountants do it on YouTube so it’s not too bad. I have my toes dipped in a lot of ponds right now because I believe in multiple sources of income so if you are studying Accounting it’s not the worst option.

I’m glad I wrote this post because I had this category called ‘Education: Chasing a Degree’ for almost a year now with no post in it, thank God I’ve finally written something!

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