23 Life Lessons. . . It’s My Birthday!

23 Life Lessons. . . It’s My Birthday!

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (Yes, I’m actually screaming, cover your ears)

I don’t make a big fuss on my birthday but I really enjoy the sweet messages from friends and family because words of affirmation is one of my main love languages and I like eating cake every year. I’ve been reflecting a lot, I strongly believe 23 is my Jordan year and I wanted to share 23 life lessons that I’ve learned to celebrate this.

Lesson #1 Healing from past trauma is mandatory and should be a priority for you because the hurt you hide away from doesn’t stop until it finds and destroys you.

Lesson #2 There is a 99.1% chance that the guy who only makes you cry and doesn’t match your energy isn’t your person/soulmate sis, forget him!

Lesson #3 Your body is a temple, love yourself, adore all the parts that are flawed and imperfect in your eyes because they deserve every ounce of your admiration. It’s true, if you can’t love yourself you will never be able to love someone else.

Lesson #4 Be kind, you never know what someone else is going through so choose kindness but know when to check a disrespectful person.

Lesson #5 Toxic friendships will destroy you, let that bad friend go!

Lesson #6 It’s okay to choose your passions over something practical.

Lesson #7 It’s okay to choose something practical over your passions.

Lesson #8 Life is a trial & error, some stuff will fail and others will be successful; treasure the experiences and keep going.

Lesson #9 Don’t forget to live a little!

Lesson #10 Stay hydrated, like seriously drink your 8 cups of water daily.

Lesson #11 If you like someone tell them, rejection never killed anybody so you will survive.

Lesson #12 Forgive those that have hurt you and love them from a distance if they don’t contribute positively to your life.

Lesson #13 Learn money management and save your money.

Lesson #14 Be accountable, know when you are wrong and apologize when necessary.

Lesson #15 It hurts less when you decide to impulsively pierce a body part but still do some research just to be aware.

Lesson #16 Binge watching Netflix series is a healthy habit, sometimes you just want to be alone.

Lesson #17 Learn more about sex, it’s important to know what you like and what makes your ocean flow.

Lesson #18 Cherish the people who actually stick by you even when you are hard to deal with.

Lesson #19 Your bad job(s) will make you appreciate your good one, don’t worry the bad ones don’t last forever.

Lesson #20 Don’t treat them how they’ve treated you, karma will deal with them for you.

Lesson #21 Friendship is the real prize!

Lesson #22 Real love exist and you aren’t asking for too much you are just asking the wrong person.

Lesson #23 The life you desire, the love you require, the career you dream about and the people you need will always find you because they were predestined for you, be patient good things are always worth the wait.

This blog has played a major role in my personal journey and has helped me grow especially when it comes to expression and feelings, I hope to keep writing and entertaining y’all for a couple for years. Happy Birthday to me!!!!!

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