Photo source: Unknown

Do you ever feel tired? Like you can’t keep going? I felt like that this week, I’m filling in for a cashier for the month of August at a store and I’ve been TIRED (both mentally and physically)!!!!

There is someone who doesn’t like me at work for no reason, I strongly dislike the commute I have to make to get to work and I still feel like I wasn’t built for customer service but this temporary job has provided me with a clearer vision and a better sense of direction for the life I desire for myself so it’s been a win win situation I guess. I laugh because I’m always making lemonade out of lemons but before I made the lemonade, I was throwing the lemons on the floor and screaming at them 😂.

The weirdest thing happened last night while I was sleeping, in my dream I was reciting Psalms 23 (I know this Psalms by heart because I had to recite it throughout my childhood but I stopped after high school), I remember feeling at peace in my dream so I woke up and just decided to keep saying it throughout the day and it honestly kept me going today.

Life gives you those rare moments that make you feel defeated and tired but I’m writing this tonight to encourage you to keep going! One of my favourite quote says “just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly” so you got this my little butterflies, stay strong. You can feel defeated, sad and drained but don’t stay defeated, sad and drained forever.

Enjoy the rest of your week guys, sending a lot of love, encouragement and strength your way 🦋

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