Maybe I’m a Little Upset; A Rant About Men

Maybe I’m a Little Upset; A Rant About Men


Honestly, I haven’t been going out of my way to interact or flirt with men since my maybe a relationship isn’t for me post, if you aren’t in my circle of male friends or the Spanish language exchange guy from Interpals then there is a 99.999% chance I won’t break my neck to converse with you. I don’t detest men (had to say it before you thought about it), I just can’t deal with the disappointment some carry around with them then dump on you, an innocent burden-less bystander.

One thing for sure, two things for certain, a man will find a way to disappoint you.

Girl in Her Twenties

It was Monday afternoon, I was checking my emails on my computer when I saw an email from Facebook, it was letting me know someone had messaged me which I found weird. I don’t have Facebook messenger because I don’t really use Facebook that often so what would be the purpose of messenger I always reasoned, that and I’m fearful of depleting my 130 GB phone storage (feel free to laugh but my last phone taught me a hard lesson).

The message was from a guy I went to college with, let’s call him “Sin”. He was basically saying he saw me last week Tuesday and he said hi but he wasn’t sure if I heard or saw him then he sent the eye emoji message on Monday. I can’t lie, I saw the person that Tuesday but they were far away in a jeep and my eyesight is awful (I’m nearsighted) so I didn’t know who it was exactly so I pretended I didn’t see. Anyways, I told him I didn’t know it was him (I didn’t feel the need to overexplain so I didn’t), he complimented me saying I still look really good and haven’t changed physically since college. I made a few jokes and we started conversing for the next 3 or so days.

I had a crush on Sin during my second semester of college because we were in the same elective class but we were always casual, our interactions have always been “smiles, hi, smiles, how are you?, smiles and see you around, smiles“. We never passed each other without greeting one another, I never pushed it because I wasn’t sure if he liked me since he was always quiet around me; he was cute so I just stuck to admiring him.

Our 3 day conversation brought back those hallway memories of him in a midnight blue football jersey and jeans with his polite greetings and for a moment my interest felt like it was re-peaking but then he never responded to my message and it’s been a whole day!

Now, I’m upset because we were having a conversation, it wasn’t an “are you good?” “yes I’m okay, you?” thing, it was an actual conversation with dialogue and he never responded midway! I’m not sending no eye emoji or asking him why he left the conversation midway even though I want to (I blame having a male bestfriend for this, I sometimes forget I’m a woman and I have to let them chase and not actively pursue them sometimes). Mentally I’ve been screaming, why did you initiate a conversation you had no intentions of finishing, that’s stupid, my fingers really want to type that as a message.

Whenever he chooses to respond, I will be the smaller person and leave his message on seen so he can know I read it and have no intentions of responding. A part of me thinks, he thinks I intentionally ignored his messages so he continued the conversation to do it back to me, honestly that would be stupid of him again because I genuinely didn’t see the message until a week later by pure chance.

This is probably bad karma for not liking the boys that like me, in my defense I like mutual interest (both of us liking each other) lol.

I might do a part 2 if anything funny/interesting happens, stay tune lovely readers. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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