It’s Okay To Cry

It’s Okay To Cry

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One thing for sure, two things for certain, if I’m feeling overwhelmed there’s a 100% chance I’m going to cry because it’s okay to!

I don’t think you’re weak if you cry, I think sometimes life gives you one too many things to handle, some you can hold firmly in your hands and others will fall because you only have two hands, the pressure of not being able to hold it together can easily take over. Now your eyes are puffy and you start crying, that’s a release and nothing to be ashamed of.

We all get release in different forms, I know someone who hits the gym and lifts weights to release that overwhelming ache, another person who bakes it out; different strokes for different folks.

For me, nothing beats a good, long and healthy ‘I can’t breathe’ type of cry to remind myself that I’m human and I feel immensely.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but it’s just a chapter, not your whole story, right now may be the bad chapter before the good one. Take it all in strides, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute or seconds by seconds whichever one makes you feel better and comfortable.

I hope everyone is doing good, I know I’ve been slacking on posting but I have an excuse, I’ve been distracted (good distractions that have been contributing to my growth of course). My last day of the temporary job was last week Saturday so I haven’t been doing a lot since being home but I’m loving every second of it until a better job opportunity presents itself. I woke yesterday morning feeling so grateful for life, I’ve been so happy for the last 6 days (I feel like I’m in a dream). Been getting my mind right, listening to Certified Lover Boy by Drake, and checking up on my family and friends.

August was hard on me, I think if you read most of my posts, you could see I was having a tough time especially mentally. I’m learning to step back, breathe, take a break and come back great.

Stay safe and don’t forget a little crying never hurt nobody. Enjoy the weekend ahead!

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