Relationship Advice. . . KEEP IT PRIVATE!

Relationship Advice. . . KEEP IT PRIVATE!

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I’ve always felt like the type of person that would get married, tell no one and just keep on living normally. Outside opinions and perceptions can be detrimental to relationships and even marriages from my point of view. There is a Jamaican saying, “too many cooks spoil the pot (meal)”, I believe this especially with social media being so prevalent in this day and age.

The need to ‘share’ is almost impulsive thanks to social media. . .

Keep your relationship private, not a secret. A secret is something hidden away and with enough denial and avoidance you can keep it unknown. I don’t think your relationship needs to be a secret. You should be able to say ‘yes, I’m with someone’ or ‘I’m in a relationship’. You don’t have to reveal the who, where, why and how because that’s nobody’s business but you and your partner.

The things you forgive your partner for, your friends and family will never forget.

Girl In Her Twenties

A private relationship is simply choosing to share your relationship details both the good, bad, ugly and beautiful with your partner. I’m not saying don’t confide in your close and trusted friends because you can confide and ask for advice but be careful, don’t overshare.

As it pertains to social media, I also say exercise caution – all the more so. I saw on Instagram this morning Summer Walker and her boyfriend got each others name tattooed, I didn’t even read the comments because I knew there would be people in there screaming negatives. I’m not saying don’t post your partner because I know how it feels to be beautifully, healthy and deeply in love and wanting to show off that love to the world and shout it from the rooftops and mountain peaks.

For me, being private at this age just makes me treasure the little moments more and love in peace.

What do you think, should a relationship be private?

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