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By interviews I mean picking the brains of some of my favourite bloggers and even new ones. I’ve been wanting to do this since around August 2021 but I wasn’t sure until now. Being a personal blogger and reading other bloggers’ posts has intrigued me. For some reason, I’ve always had a whole bunch of questions that I’ve been itching to ask them.

I’m finally more seasoned and less nervous with interacting with other bloggers, so I thought yaaaaaaaaay I can finally start doing the weekly interviews I’ve been dying to introduce to my blog.

The interviews will be surrounded around the blogger’s blog, life (only as much as they’re willing to share), their creative process and all that good stuff. I’ll try to make it personal because you guys know that’s how most of my posts are and I’d like to keep this content the same way.

I’m hoping to post my first interview in March to celebrate my 2 year blog anniversary. If you are interested in being interviewed, you can email me at girlinhertwentiesblog@gmail.com, via the contact page or comment below.

I’m super excited to do this and I welcome anyone who is interested. Don’t worry too much about having great answers, just be yourself and let’s chat!

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy the rest of your week and stay safe 💕

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