Feeling ALL the FEELS

Feeling ALL the FEELS

I haven’t been feeling my best over the last couple of days and it was this feeling of less than good that led me to taking a mini break from blogging. It’s hard to write when I’m having really bad mental days, my mind is just blank and inspiration is severely lacking in those moments.

Yesterday I woke up feeling stuck in my head and indifferent. Sundays usually brought me peace and has always been my favourite day but yesterday morning it wasn’t like that for me. I just wanted to wrap myself up in the blanket on my bed and stay hidden in my room.

I thought this was going to be the mood for the day. Things ended up changing. I decided to journal a bit, I wrote down little lights in the darkness (things that make me smile or feel happy) and traits I love about myself. Then my sister accidentally broke my mom’s glass candle jar, I took that as a sign of good luck. Glass breaking in my culture is good omen. My bestfriend came over and we had wine and beers. We talked about everything under the sun and moon. The little things made a difference.

There are moments when I don’t want to feel everything because I don’t particularly like sadness or any unknown feeling that resembles it. However, feeling all the feels isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just try not to be completely consumed and drowned by it at times. It’s not easy to pull yourself out of a bad mental space, if you have then congratulations to you, it must have been a difficult fight. If you are still trying to then I’m sending encouragement your way and hoping you’ll find little lights in your darkness.

Tell me I’m not my fears, my limitations. I disappear if you let me. Feeling like Jericho. Feeling like Job when he lost his shit.

SZA ‘Good days’ 🌻

I hope this week is good and kind to you as I hope it will be to me. I hope the good days outweigh the bad ones and you’ll feel hopeful at the end of them. Have a good week everyone 💛

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