MIA But Doing GREAT!

MIA But Doing GREAT!

Okay so great is an exaggeration. I’m doing good, feeling better. More myself honestly. I’m more present and less in my mind which is a blessing for me. It all feels good like inhaling fresh air from an open space.

I took a break from scrolling through Instagram (my addiction these days). I didn’t write my weekly blog post and I haven’t read any blogs this week. It was nice to take some time away from my routine and focus on other things.

I spent way too much time with my cousin who made me laugh until I cried. We talked about Euphoria like we were cast members, season 2 was worth the wait. I had Mexican food with my bestie Adri, tacos are the new way to my heart. Binge watched season 2 of Love is Blind and season 1 of Vikings Valhalla.

Now I’m feeling ready to write and read again. I’m trying to push myself to be consistent for this month but I can only write when I’m inspired and not under pressure. Let’s see how it goes though.

Random collage that deserves to be posted for no particular reason 😂
Another random one 😂

This is the peace that you cannot buy. Send me a love that you cannot mix. One is the joy that you cannot waste. And the other one price that you cannot fix.

Tems ‘Free Mind’

How are you feeling? Have a wonderful week everyone!

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