Life Happened

Life Happened

A couple more days and it would be a month since I’ve last posted something on my blog. I feel like I’ve neglected my little baby (my blog) and not writing on here has made me question a lot of things.

I’ve missed writing and missed reading the different perspectives of other bloggers. Life just happened and I couldn’t find the time to post. It’s been a struggle working a 9-5 job that takes so much of my time, energy and good headspace. By the time I’m home, I get an hour to reset then I try to spend the few hours remaining talking to my girlfriend before I fall asleep. I can’t even stay up late anymore, sleep calls me home before 10.

Doing the same thing over and over again has made me question, is working worth it? It takes away from all the things that make me happy and if I really had a choice I don’t think I would be doing it. Or maybe it’s the type of job. . . I don’t know.

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I’m just not balancing everything well or as I thought I would be. It’s been affecting my already affected mental health. I’m reading this book gifted to me by another blogger, it’s called ‘Lighting Forward by Hannah Brencher’. I’m praying and I’m trying to find light in the darkness but also feeling the darkness.

Adulting isn’t easy and I can sit and complain about it – I often do. I probably will for the remainder of the year. Life has happened but I’m hoping to get back to blogging and reading other blogs sooner rather than later. I’ve really missed this.

How’s everyone doing?

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