I Wanted to Write a Post Today

I Wanted to Write a Post Today

I wanted to write a post today but I couldn’t focus on one idea long enough to turn it from thoughts in my mind to words on a blog. I have another post from Wednesday sitting in my draft that’s going to get deleted as soon as this post gets published because I don’t think it’s any good.

There were lots of idea but nothing was a complete thought. I kept going back and forth until I decided, whatever I’m meant to write will come to me (I think it did, kinda). I’ll write about my day, it wasn’t eventful but rather peaceful (see what I did there).

Today was spent in bed, I have a greater appreciation and love for my bed on weekends. I cling to it like a newborn those to its mom’s breast. My bed just feels like the right place to be! I even ate in bed which is something I don’t like to do but again it felt right. I got lost in my writing (those short stories won’t write themselves I keep telling myself) and then in Netflix. Have you ever watched The Lake House? It’s probably a very cliché, romance movie but I enjoyed every minute of it. Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves are a perfect onscreen couple and their chemistry is amazinggggg.

I thought about timing and the right timing after watching that movie. I thought about the past, present and future. I wondered. I pondered. I thought about questions I would ask my future self through letters if I could.

I would ask her, is she happy? Is life better for you now than it was when you were younger? Have you found your passion? Are you happy with the person you’re with? Do you still have your friends around? I don’t think I would want complete answers, just a simple yes or no so I wouldn’t overthink. Would you ask your future self questions if you could or am I just the only nosey one?

Today wasn’t a bad day. I had this urge to read Sally Rooney’s three popular books, buy a Polaroid camera for my birthday to just capture moments I don’t want to forget and actually finish my collection of short stories. I thought about saving up to buy a new computer instead of fixing the old one that’s in my closet collecting dust (I’m still undecided). I was all over the place in a good way today.

If you made it this far in the blog, thanks for reading my random thoughts. I hope it wasn’t too much of a rollercoaster ride. How’s your weekend going?

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