Are Your Twenties Your Hard Years?

Are Your Twenties Your Hard Years?

I can’t wait to turn 25 next year so I can say I’m going through a quarter life crisis and be as dramatic about it. I’m already ranting about 23 while I’m on the verge of turning 24, just wait until I’m 25. I’ll be Dennis the Menace -insert a cool evil laugh-

My adolescent years are kind of a blur. I remember bits and pieces, some of the good and the bad. It was my drawing the blueprint years. All the mistakes and lessons that felt unforgivable and too painful to adolescent Cassie feel very forgivable and like growing pains to 20 something Cassie. Time and growing can really change your outlook on experiences.

My twenties have a different feel to it. Maybe it’s the whole hanging off the cliff while adulting steadily steps on my fingers thing. Whatever it is, it’s a whole lot different from my teen years. There’s more to tackle like the evolution of self, friendships, career, relationship, finances and family matters. It’s a different ball game.

I don’t know if I would say your twenties are your hard years, I haven’t experienced my 30’s yet so the jury is still out. However, I can say you feel a lot more pressure in your twenties. Pressure to have it all figured out before your 30’s. You’re being hit with all the things that come with adulting and trust me you’ll feel all those punches. It’s not the easiest 9 years to navigate but it’s possible to survive it with a few battle scars and a wobbly smile.

One of the best things I’ve done to make navigating those deep waters easier is to attempt to remove that societal pressure. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s okay to not have it all figured out. On days when the blows are hitting too hard, I have a wonderful support system that helps me to remember.

Everyday brings different situations, feelings and people. You won’t handle everything well, there will be moments where you wish you did something differently You might regret your college degree or not going to college. Hate the job you’re in or hate the lack of work/life balance. You could be passionate about your job while struggling with yourself. You could be losing friends you thought would be in your life forever. It’s all a part of this weird process that no one prepared you for or gave you any hints about.

Word of advice, don’t worry too much. It’s just a chapter not your whole story. That’s kind of my motto at times. It helps a lot when you repeat it at least 10 times or more. You take it as it comes and just learn from all the chapters.

I hope everyone is doing okay and is surviving this week. Happy June hunnies ✨️

3 thoughts on “Are Your Twenties Your Hard Years?

  1. I’ll be 30 in a few months and I can attest to the pressure of feeling the need to have everything done by the age of 30. Ignore the pressure – it’ll rob you of the joy of your 20s. I’m not saying don’t plan and set goals etc, but it’s okay if you achieve certain things after 30.

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      1. Honestly it feels surreal at times. Like in my head I’m still 24 😂 Some days I’m excited because it’s the start of a new decade and other days I’m scared for my 30th birthday. But I’m actually handling it much better than I thought would.


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