Relationship Deal Breakers

Relationship Deal Breakers

I have been watching Love Island season 8 for the last 7 and a half weeks (I’m hooked). As it is coming to an end, I’m both sad and filled with relationship commentary and questions. Fancy a chat? Lol if you’ve watched Love Island, you’ll get the reference.

In the UK, deal breakers are known as icks. The terminology is funny because my Caribbean mind thinks about something that’s absolutely disgusting but I know that’s not the exact meaning behind the word for someone from the UK.

So for weeks, I’ve been thinking what are stuff that give me the romantic icks? What are my deal breakers? What could someone have about them, do or say that would turn my mind from them?

People of the internet, I’m too flabbergasted to even list all my icks (they aren’t bad, I just have more than I thought). I already started this post so might as well finish it. Don’t worry, I didn’t list all.

I divided my icks into two categories: physical icks and personality icks. It’s pretty self-explanatory so I don’t think I have to define physical and personality icks. BUT if you would like me to then let me know in the comments and I’ll respond to you.

My physical icks are:

1. Dirty nails and toes. I’m starting to realize I notice this physical aspect a lot when I meet people even in passing.

2. Strong perfume. I know you’re meant to smell good but my nostril can’t handle the overpowering scents. Neither can my brain, I’m sorry.

The physical icks list is short because I vibe more with personality even though physical attraction is needed in a relationship (not discounting it though).

My personality icks are:

1. Someone that is too funny or too serious. I don’t mind a funny person but I can’t handle someone who constantly needs to tell a joke at every moment in time. The same goes for someone who is too serious. I like a nice blend or a partner that understands the whole “there’s a time and place for everything” concept.

2. Emotionally unavailable or emotionally disconnected. I’m a very emotional person so this is a big one for me (words of affirmation is my love language). I don’t expect my partner to be like me but I expect them to understand their feelings so they can reciprocate my energy.

3. Inconsistent. We are all humans and perfection is unattainable so I wouldn’t seek that from a partner or myself. If you are too inconsistent, I’m clocking out (I’m sorry). Don’t introduce me to a vibe you can’t maintain.

4. Lacks mental stimulation. To build a connection you have to be able to excite my brain. Teach me something, engage with me in good conversations or tell me some weird facts man. A dull blade won’t sharpen my knife (this is a Jamaican proverb but I couldn’t remember verbatim)

Y’all got a lot from me, you can thank me later. Now it’s your turn, let me know your icks or relationship deal breakers. Also let me know what you think of mine.

Stay safe, take care 💛

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