My Birthday is Near!

My Birthday is Near!

My birthday is 4 days from today so not that far away. Birthdays hold a lot of meaning for me, I do most of my deep self-reflection around this time. I evaluate my thoughts and see how I’m feeling in the current chapter before I move into the next one.

Twenty-four, twenty-four, twenty-four

I’m sooo excited to turn 24, more excitement than I anticipated. Maybe because I’m eager to get older or it’s the cake and wine that I’ll be overindulging in.

Is it because I’ll be leaning more on the mid-twenties side now instead of the previous early twenties? A part of me thinks that might be it. However, whatever it is, I can’t wait.

Every chapter, I see myself growing, learning and I don’t want it to stop. I’m not eager to hold on to my youth. I’m eager to see how I progress and grow in this life because I know I don’t have forever on this planet. So, I try to welcome each chapter with hope.

Hope that I will learn more than I did before. Hope that the tears, depression and bad mental days will really be good personal developement. Hope that I will smile and laugh louder. Hope that I will discover more parts of myself while never forgetting the parts I outgrew. Hope that whenever God ends my story, it will be one I was happy to be the main character in and would gladly read again.

Yesss, there’s a lot of hope in me.

My birthday plans are kinda still in the beginning stages. I want it to be a very simple day because I’m a very simple girl. I’m looking forward to very sweet paragraphs from my girlfriend, best friends, family and other close friends. Gonna bake myself a cake I saw on Instagram (already bought the ingredients). I want pancakes for breakfast, KFC hot wings with a vanilla milkshake for lunch and something Jamaican for dinner. Wine has to be included somewhere.

I’ll probably publish a blog, do some journaling and poetry writing. Definitely getting some prayers in and personal talks with God. A simple day 😊

How do you feel when your birthday is around the corner?

Stay safe and take care πŸ’›

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