She Writes (POETRY #1)

She Writes (POETRY #1)

Happy Saturday everyone! Just dropping in to post a quick little spoken word. I wrote it yesterday after feeling overwhelmed by my emotions. If you’ve been reading my blog then you’re aware I’m quitting my job. Well, I’ve quit because I completed my contract officially yesterday.

This is one of my most vulnerable pieces and one I was reluctant to post. It was written in Jamaican dialect first then I translated it in Standard English. The Jamaican version had me tearing up. It is the first time I’ve written poetry in my native tongue so that could be one of the reasons. Also, I feel true to myself when writing in dialect.

Jamaican dialect version 🇯🇲

My poetry style is coming to me, slowly. I’m trying to dabble a lot more to find what feels most like me. I’m doing the same thing with my writing. As of right now with my poetry, I don’t like center alignment for my words, I’m seeing that I like right or left alignment with a simple white background.

Standard English Version

I feel like if you’ve been reading my posts then this piece is pretty self-explanatory (I hope). Let me know what you think in the comment section. If you like my poetry, you can follow my poetry Instagram for more.

How are you feeling? Has the day been good to you?

Stay safe and take care 💜

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