Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

This week has been off to a better start than I thought it would be. My anxiety has subsided (finally), I’m sleeping more and less stressed after spending the weekend doing the opposite of all that.

Do you ever doubt your potential? I do (more times than I would like to). When I get in that headspace, I apply a lot of internal kindness and affirmations because I NEED it. Sometimes my mind doesn’t want to listen so I let it feel it feels but in a way that doesn’t demolish my self-esteem or just talk to a trusted someone.

Today’s quote is:

Instagram: shewrites_poet

In case your mind is trying to undermine you, let me remind you. YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH! You’re doing the best you can, things take time so be patient with yourself.

I hope the Wednesday is treating everyone good. It’s extremely hot on the island and I’m an unhappy chicken in the oven lol.

Stay safe, take care ✨️


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