She Writes (Poetry #2)

She Writes (Poetry #2)

This week’s poem is about grief. In less than two weeks, it will be the one year anniversary of my grandpa’s passing. On Sunday I was reading through some messages between my aunt and I – they were messages from the day after he died. I teared up and it confirmed what I already knew which is, grief is a lifelong process. I will never get to the final stage, acceptance.

I wrote this poem last year December. I did write another poem for his funeral but this one was more personal for me. I think about him and my paternal grandma a lot. I keep wondering if they’re smiling from heaven when they see me. Am I making them proud or are they shaking their heads because I’m stubborn and every bit like them.

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I deal with death in the worst way, I try to forget it graced my life with its presence and took something precious from me. I forget the dates of loved ones who passed and anything that cements they aren’t here anymore. Maybe I’m in a state of denial or just grieving like everyone else.

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Stay safe and take care,

Cassie 🤍

3 thoughts on “She Writes (Poetry #2)

      1. Yeah it’s just a lot to process. I’ve lost both my grandfathers. It was difficult and to be honest I think I never really fully processed it.


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