Quotes & Thoughts

Quotes & Thoughts

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Heyyy everyone, how is your week going? The days are moving too fast for me, I can’t seem to catch up or catch my breath. I was supposed to write a post for Saturday but I had a wedding and after I was just too exhausted. I didn’t want to miss posting today so here is your daily dose of what’s going on in my head in the form of quotes.

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I like to compare my life to a butterfly. The stages it goes through to become what it is has always been intriguing and comforting to me. It makes me know that growth doesn’t occur overnight and everything is a process.

IG: shewrites_poet

Everyone here already knows my view about adulthood, they have not changed and I don’t think they every will lol. It is still something I am trying comprehend and find my place in.

IG: shewrites_poet

I have been working A LOT . . . Doing stuff for my business, contracting work for another small business, creating content for my poetry Instagram, writing my short stories etc etc

IG: shewrites_poet

A constant reminder because as an overthinker, I tend to forget. I tend to keep planning, planning, going and going without stopping to just relax and be present.

IG: shewrites_poet

I am in love . . . my partner has been really sweet to me this week which is nice because I’ve been all over the place.

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

stay safe, take care and smile a little



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