Maybe I’m Happy

Usually I don’t like talking or writing about my feelings when I’m very happy. There’s this fear in me that I’ll jinx myself and end up in misery again. But why should we only talk about the bad stuff? I want to smile in the places I once cried so here’s to me smiling. 3…Continue reading »

I Read a BOOK!

When did I write I Need to Read More? A month ago, maybe two. After posting that blog I decided to reach out to an author that I’ve been following on Instagram for a hot minute. I told her I’d love to review her books and she was kind enough to refer me to her…Continue reading »

A Simple Life

The extraordinary and probably the revolutionary were spaces my thoughts always occupied for as long as I’ve known myself. I admired the work and leadership of people like Nelson Mandela and wanted to be just like him. I have a very unique name and felt I had to do unique things to live up to…Continue reading »