I Need To Read MORE!

I Need To Read MORE!

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My very first love affair was with books and it probably started as early as preschool. I loved how they could transport me to places far and imaginative with just the power of words. Books were my escape from reality but for the last 2 years or so I haven’t been reading enough.

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New Beginnings . . . I’ve Made a Few Changes to the Blog

New Beginnings . . . I’ve Made a Few Changes to the Blog

While I’m out here evolving as a human being and making a few serious and small life choices, I thought it would be a good idea to change my blog appearance too! I didn’t do a whole makeover but I changed a few things that I felt needed to be changed.

My previous ‘About’ page had a lot going and was more suited for last year’s version of me, this new one is very simplistic and breathable; I designed the image on Canva and the quote was an ‘off-the-top of my head’ kinda quote that turned out good.

I applied the same simplistic makeover design to my home page, I removed a few things because it had a lot going on again. I think as a personal blogger the more you blog about your life, the more you’ll want to change the blog appearance. You are growing so automatically the blog has to change to fit who you are and not who you were.

I added a background, I don’t know what it looks like to you but I see a few jelly-like flowers, almost like water lilies. I also changed the fonts, I can’t remember what I had before but I know they were bigger than the ones I’m using now.

I really like the new changes, a few more weeks and I’ll be in love with it (I gradually adjust to change). I’m hoping to post more because I have more time on my hands and I’d like to be productive with it, I won’t say what my posting schedule will look like cause I’m afraid of jinxing things.

Incase you missed them, check out last week’s posts:

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Have a good week everyone, continue to stay safe!

The Writing Process: Part 1 of Self-publishing

The Writing Process: Part 1 of Self-publishing

Don’t kill me, I know I said Thursday or Friday and ummmmmm. . . well today is Sunday but I was busy and upset because my Amazon order arrived during the week and the items I ordered for my book packaging had me frustrated! One of the items were perfectly fine while the other one couldn’t hold the book despite the book being the size of a A5 paper and the item sizing being 6″ x 9″ but I’m not going to complain, I’ll just figure it out. Anyways let’s talk about the first part of self-publishing and my favouriteeeeee; WRITING!

Initially, I didn’t set out to write a book, last year May I bought a journal and just decided I would write poems and mood notes, my intention at the time was to pass these journals unto my first born child whenever/if I ever had one. A lot happened last year so I would document everything in my little journal and it was really my place of expression, on the first Friday in January 2021, my mind said to me compile all those sad and love poems into a book then self-publish it and I just listened to my mind! Truthfully, I think God spoke to me because I was on my computer about to write a blog post and a book was the furthest thing from my mind so thank you God for that.

If you are like me and already had the writing material and just needed to compile, plan and organized then the writing process would have been a lot easier for us than for someone who intentionally wants to write a book and as to start from scratch. I’m going to give you 3 tips for those persons who want to write a book and have to start from scratch and 3 tips for those persons who already have the writing material.

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I’m currently working on my second book and this was an intentional action so here are three tips for those persons starting from scratch:

  1. Figure out what type of book you are intending to write, is it going to be non-fiction (autobiography, memoirs, DIY, manuals & guides etc) or fiction (romance, young adult, fantasy, suspense/thriller) or a collection of poetry?
  2. After you figure that part out, I suggest you start planning the layout of your book: title, table of content, chapter ideas, plot and anything that will create a clear writing path for you.
  3. When the skeleton of the book is completed, you can focus on the fun part; WRITINGGGGGG! I recommend having a writing schedule and muse (it doesn’t have to be a person, it can be a place, item or food that helps your creative juices to flow). Also try to stick to your writing schedule, consistency is key!

My first book is out of its development stages so here are three tips for those persons who already have their writing material unintentionally:

  1. Continue to flex your creative muscles, your material can always be improved until you’ve concluded it’s your final draft so keep imagining and adding/changing parts you think need more razzle dazzle.
  2. Print your writing material (not through any publishing/self-publishing company just on regular A4 copy paper), I say this because looking at your work on paper is easier to analyze than staring at it through a computer screen. I printed my book at work just so I can have it to look at, read and add notes.
  3. Do not let anyone read your writing material until you’ve done a few edits and your material is in its final draft form so if you have to make any edits based off their critiques it will be much easier and it won’t disrupt your creative thinking.

That’s all folks, if you have any questions you can leave it in the comment section below or send me a message through my contact form. Have a wonderful week and stay safe everyone!

Self-publishing in the Caribbean

Self-publishing in the Caribbean

The journey to self-publishing has been long and honestly exhausting but I’ve learned a lot along the way so for that I’m grateful. I didn’t want to pursue the self-publishing route instead I wanted to go the traditional way and let a publishing company deal with all the hassle but I live in the Caribbean and the island I live on doesn’t have that option for my genre of poetry, urban contemporary poetry as I like to call it so self-publishing was my best bet.

After I had compiled all my poems, I printed and stapled them in the form of an A5 booklet then I visited the only printery on the island and it wasn’t a good experience. I didn’t feel like they were being helpful or taking my desire to publish my book seriously plus they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg which would result in a major net loss for me. All of this was happening in January 2021 and I was just so frustrated, I couldn’t find any self-publishing printing company in the Caribbean and it just felt like my book was never going to be published.

I love being an island girl but one of the biggest drawbacks about the Caribbean is how far behind we are when it comes on to certain things. I remember I would be searching on Google day and night hoping I would find a printery that could help; I was unsuccessful and very much annoyed.

There is a US contemporary poet who I follow on Instagram, she is a self-published author so I tried to email her to explain my predicament but I didn’t get any response then one day in her comment section I saw that someone had asked where she prints her books. She didn’t respond but I think 5 persons replied and all of them suggested Lulu.


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Finding out about Lulu was a Godsent blessing and I truly thanked him because I was starting to feel discouraged! The process from discovering Lulu to where I’m at now in my self-publishing journey has been easier but still stressing. You can’t just say you are going to self-publish a book then BOOM your book is published! It doesn’t work like that and that’s a hard lesson I had to learn because nobody in the Caribbean was talking about it.

My plan is to talk or should I say write about the different steps to self-publishing, even if you aren’t in the Caribbean I still think you can learn a lot from my blogposts to come about the topic. I will be writing about rough drafts, editing and final draft of a book, self-publishing with Lulu, packaging for my book, the financial aspects (calculating expenses, book cost, selling rate etc) and so much more!

Don’t hold me to it but the next blog should be posted on Thursday or Friday and I’ll be covering the ‘rough draft, editing and final draft’ phase of self-publishing, for an overthinker like myself this was the most emotionally exhausting and my least favourite part.

See you guys on Thursday or Friday, have a good week and stay safe!