Overthinking in Dating

Overthinking in Dating

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I’m one of those persons that overthink more than it’s necessary, especially when it comes to flirting, dating and crushes, I’ll ruin a good thing with the outlandish thoughts in my mind (I swear).

If you don’t give me an answer, I’ll 1000% come up with numerous ones until you do.

Girl in Her Twenties

I can’t read between the lines so I never really know if the person I like, likes me too or is flirting with me so I let my mind output assumptions upon assumptions until I’ve found a suitable conclusion that silences my busy mind, weird right? It is you can say it.

Let’s look at a current example, remember I downloaded Interpals two weeks ago? Surprisingly, I haven’t deleted it as yet and even more astonishing I’ve found another person who has been helping me improve my Español, he’s actually helping and interesting too.

While learning more about him and sharing 5% of the true me (that’s a lot for me to share with a stranger), I’ve somehow found myself semi-invested in our conversations, I hear a notification and I’m mentally chanting “please let it be him” and other times I’m telling myself don’t you dare touch that phone, wait 10 minutes to reply so you don’t look desperate.

Suddenly, my mind starts doing what it does best, self-sabotage. The conclusion is to uninstall the app for 3 days, rid myself of that semi-investment and rejoin with a more detached mood. Extreme right? Kind of but I realize the extremes my mind is willing to go to just to protect me but I also know just because it’s extreme protection doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do.

I’ve been learning that you’ll never truly know how someone feels unless they tell you or you ask so assumptions will always be assumptions. I like how mature I can be sometimes, let me pat myself on the back and reward my growth with pink flavored Starburst tomorrow.

My advice is simple, don’t let your mind ruin a good thing (a friendship, good conversation, relationship, job opportunity etc), sometimes we are so convinced that something is going to fail that we don’t give it the opportunity to prove us wrong.

I hope your week is off to a good start and continue to stay safe and enjoy the rest of the week💕

In Your 20’s: Healing & Forgiving

In Your 20’s: Healing & Forgiving

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The ability to forgive has always been difficult for me, a forgiving nature is something I lack; I am not saying I do not forgive it just does not come easy for me. Everyone around me knows it’s better to make me mad than to hurt me because if I’m mad I will get over it but if I’m hurt that’s it for me and you -it shouldn’t be that way I know but it is.

I put my hurt in a box mark it as things to forget then place it in the furthest part of my mind until it becomes so consuming that I have no choice but to face it. Recently I had to decide if I was going to stay hurt at two persons who I really cared about, one was romantic and the other was platonic but their actions cracked my heart a little and I didn’t know if I could let it go.

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