I Read a BOOK!

I Read a BOOK!

When did I write I Need to Read More? A month ago, maybe two. After posting that blog I decided to reach out to an author that I’ve been following on Instagram for a hot minute. I told her I’d love to review her books and she was kind enough to refer me to her publicist who sent the books within a week.

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know This Close To Okay has been on my reading list for a longggggg time. When I finally got it, I just sat and admired the book for a hot minute. Honestly, it is truly one of the best hardcover books I’ve seen. The book jacket is BEAUTIFUL, I think it’s the orange vibe that has me captivated. It lights up my room and I can’t help but stare at it from time to time. Add dye my hair bright orange to my list of things to do.

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A Simple Life

A Simple Life

The extraordinary and probably the revolutionary were spaces my thoughts always occupied for as long as I’ve known myself. I admired the work and leadership of people like Nelson Mandela and wanted to be just like him. I have a very unique name and felt I had to do unique things to live up to it.

I never wanted to succumb to the mundane or just be ordinary. I feared such an existence and thought it would be the worst thing to ever happen to me but woe how the times have changed.

People of the internet, I desire a simple life. Yes, you’ve read correctly. I DESIRE A SIMPLE LIFE.

Can you believe that? It took me a while to swallow that pill but when I did, I wonder why it took so long in the first place. After age 20 or 21, I think I started experiencing more. More lessons gave me more knowledge. All that knowledge made me more self-aware and gave me food for thought as I tried to decipher life and my purpose. I soon started to recognize the things that made me really happy and the things that actually mattered to me.

I saw this post while scrolling on Instagram and knew I had to include it in the blog.

I’m okay with having a career that brings me small joys, provides good financial support, makes me happy to spend 8 hours there and helps others in some way. I’m okay with a life that includes my own house, a car to take late night drives while listening to my faves. A life with a romantic relationship that reminds me unconditional love exist and both of us are deserving of it. A life filled with amazing lifelong friends paving their own way, friendship dates and vacations in places we once thought impossible. A life where my family is healthy, happy and high on togetherness.

A life where I’m finding more of myself and trusting God. I’m loving, kinder and healing towards myself. Letting generational hurt go and welcoming all the things I deserve. Sharing my many thoughts on a personal blog. A life where I’m donating my time, efforts, money to making even the smallest of difference like baking a cake for a fundraiser towards a worthy cause.

I’m okay with a simple life. The mundane doesn’t scare me anymore. I still admire the persons doing the big stuff but I understand now that everyone has their role to play. Whether it is big or small, it’s crucial to existence and life as we know it.

Happy Sunday everyone ­čĺĽ



It feels like it was just yesterday I was on my computer writing New Year, No Resolutions. It’s flabbergasting to think 365 days came and went in the blink of an eye. Every month had something new up its sleeve and it’s been quite the year.

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Simply Janeen nominated me for this award and it’s my first time doing something like this so I’m unsure if I’m doing it correctly but onwards always, backwards never! Thank you Janeen for considering me and reading my blog, I absolutely love your blog as well. Guys please go check out her blog, it’s definitely worth the read!!

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Relationship Advice. . . KEEP IT PRIVATE!

Relationship Advice. . . KEEP IT PRIVATE!

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I’ve always felt like the type of person that would get married, tell no one and just keep on living normally. Outside opinions and perceptions can be detrimental to relationships and even marriages from my point of view. There is a Jamaican saying, “too many cooks spoil the pot (meal)”, I believe this especially with social media being so prevalent in this day and age.

The need to ‘share’ is almost impulsive thanks to social media. . .

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Maybe I’m a Little Upset; A Rant About Men

Maybe I’m a Little Upset; A Rant About Men


Honestly, I haven’t been going out of my way to interact or flirt with men since my maybe a relationship isn’t for me post, if you aren’t in my circle of male friends or the Spanish language exchange guy from Interpals then there is a 99.999% chance I won’t break my neck to converse with you. I don’t detest men (had to say it before you thought about it), I just can’t deal with the disappointment some carry around with them then dump on you, an innocent burden-less bystander.

One thing for sure, two things for certain, a man will find a way to disappoint you.

Girl in Her Twenties

It was Monday afternoon, I was checking my emails on my computer when I saw an email from Facebook, it was letting me know someone had messaged me which I found weird. I don’t have Facebook messenger because I don’t really use Facebook that often so what would be the purpose of messenger I always reasoned, that and I’m fearful of depleting my 130 GB phone storage (feel free to laugh but my last phone taught me a hard lesson).

The message was from a guy I went to college with, let’s call him “Sin”. He was basically saying he saw me last week Tuesday and he said hi but he wasn’t sure if I heard or saw him then he sent the eye emoji message on Monday. I can’t lie, I saw the person that Tuesday but they were far away in a jeep and my eyesight is awful (I’m nearsighted) so I didn’t know who it was exactly so I pretended I didn’t see. Anyways, I told him I didn’t know it was him (I didn’t feel the need to overexplain so I didn’t), he complimented me saying I still look really good and haven’t changed physically since college. I made a few jokes and we started conversing for the next 3 or so days.

I had a crush on Sin during my second semester of college because we were in the same elective class but we were always casual, our interactions have always been “smiles, hi, smiles, how are you?, smiles and see you around, smiles“. We never passed each other without greeting one another, I never pushed it because I wasn’t sure if he liked me since he was always quiet around me; he was cute so I just stuck to admiring him.

Our 3 day conversation brought back those hallway memories of him in a midnight blue football jersey and jeans with his polite greetings and for a moment my interest felt like it was re-peaking but then he never responded to my message and it’s been a whole day!

Now, I’m upset because we were having a conversation, it wasn’t an “are you good?” “yes I’m okay, you?” thing, it was an actual conversation with dialogue and he never responded midway! I’m not sending no eye emoji or asking him why he left the conversation midway even though I want to (I blame having a male bestfriend for this, I sometimes forget I’m a woman and I have to let them chase and not actively pursue them sometimes). Mentally I’ve been screaming, why did you initiate a conversation you had no intentions of finishing, that’s stupid, my fingers really want to type that as a message.

Whenever he chooses to respond, I will be the smaller person and leave his message on seen so he can know I read it and have no intentions of responding. A part of me thinks, he thinks I intentionally ignored his messages so he continued the conversation to do it back to me, honestly that would be stupid of him again because I genuinely didn’t see the message until a week later by pure chance.

This is probably bad karma for not liking the boys that like me, in my defense I like mutual interest (both of us liking each other) lol.

I might do a part 2 if anything funny/interesting happens, stay tune lovely readers. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

23 Life Lessons. . . It’s My Birthday!

23 Life Lessons. . . It’s My Birthday!

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! (Yes, I’m actually screaming, cover your ears)

I don’t make a big fuss on my birthday but I really enjoy the sweet messages from friends and family because words of affirmation is one of my main love languages and I like eating cake every year. I’ve been reflecting a lot, I strongly believe 23 is my Jordan year and I wanted to share 23 life lessons that I’ve learned to celebrate this.

Lesson #1 Healing from past trauma is mandatory and should be a priority for you because the hurt you hide away from doesn’t stop until it finds and destroys you.

Lesson #2 There is a 99.1% chance that the guy who only makes you cry and doesn’t match your energy isn’t your person/soulmate sis, forget him!

Lesson #3 Your body is a temple, love yourself, adore all the parts that are flawed and imperfect in your eyes because they deserve every ounce of your admiration. It’s true, if you can’t love yourself you will never be able to love someone else.

Lesson #4 Be kind, you never know what someone else is going through so choose kindness but know when to check a disrespectful person.

Lesson #5 Toxic friendships will destroy you, let that bad friend go!

Lesson #6 It’s okay to choose your passions over something practical.

Lesson #7 It’s okay to choose something practical over your passions.

Lesson #8 Life is a trial & error, some stuff will fail and others will be successful; treasure the experiences and keep going.

Lesson #9 Don’t forget to live a little!

Lesson #10 Stay hydrated, like seriously drink your 8 cups of water daily.

Lesson #11 If you like someone tell them, rejection never killed anybody so you will survive.

Lesson #12 Forgive those that have hurt you and love them from a distance if they don’t contribute positively to your life.

Lesson #13 Learn money management and save your money.

Lesson #14 Be accountable, know when you are wrong and apologize when necessary.

Lesson #15 It hurts less when you decide to impulsively pierce a body part but still do some research just to be aware.

Lesson #16 Binge watching Netflix series is a healthy habit, sometimes you just want to be alone.

Lesson #17 Learn more about sex, it’s important to know what you like and what makes your ocean flow.

Lesson #18 Cherish the people who actually stick by you even when you are hard to deal with.

Lesson #19 Your bad job(s) will make you appreciate your good one, don’t worry the bad ones don’t last forever.

Lesson #20 Don’t treat them how they’ve treated you, karma will deal with them for you.

Lesson #21 Friendship is the real prize!

Lesson #22 Real love exist and you aren’t asking for too much you are just asking the wrong person.

Lesson #23 The life you desire, the love you require, the career you dream about and the people you need will always find you because they were predestined for you, be patient good things are always worth the wait.

This blog has played a major role in my personal journey and has helped me grow especially when it comes to expression and feelings, I hope to keep writing and entertaining y’all for a couple for years. Happy Birthday to me!!!!!



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This poem was inspired by the song ‘Tangerine Dream’ by Snoh Aalegra, tangerine dream in my opinion is the happily ever after you want that never happens, it’s when our minds entertain thoughts that reality can’t maintain which eventually leads to disappointment or worse heartbreak.

Girl in Her Twenties
Poem by me
Falling in Love Vs Standing (Growing) in Love

Falling in Love Vs Standing (Growing) in Love

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The instant, intense and whirlwind version of love has always appealed to me, that’s what I consider as ‘falling in love’ while growing in love is more steady and intimate, it’s taking your time to learn and understand the simple and intricate small and big parts of your partner.

Girl in Her Twenties

Maybe it’s the Leo in me or a personal trait inherited from an ancestor but falling passionately in love has always been both intoxicating and captivating for me; it’s my preferred version of love or at least it was. Don’t be concerned, my last relationship didn’t render me completely emotionally unavailable, however, I do think throwing caution to the wind ain’t a bad idea.

Recently my best friend said to me he’s taking his time with his new relationship, he’s growing in love instead of falling in it and I thought “darn after so many fast & furious, crash and burn relationships, would growing in love be such a bad thing”, I didn’t bother to answer my thoughts because I wanted to write about it.

Then there was a quote on Instagram that said being understood is the rarest form of intimacy and I completely agree, this ties into the whole growing in love concept I have (let me explain). I don’t believe someone can instantly understand you or vice versa, there is instant connection for sure but being understood takes time, falling in love from my point of view doesn’t offer that time, maybe because it is an incontrollable tornado to me.

It’s a different feeling being understood, it’s a game changer in a relationship and I believe it’s best achieved through the growing in love approach.

Photo source: iStock Photos

It’s not a bad thing to fall in love and it’s not a boring thing to grow in it either, you can mix the two and get the best of both worlds like Hannah Montana if you can.

Whenever I become emotionally available, I would like to venture down the growing in love path just to see how it feels, I assume it would be slow like planting a seed and patiently waiting on it to grow but it would be worth it when the seed breaks the soil and starts flourishing.

Tell me about your love experiences, have you ever fell in love or grew in love? What was the outcome?