God’s Plan is the BEST PLAN

God’s Plan is the BEST PLAN

Photo source: crosswalk.com

This morning I woke up in a GREAT mood! I had Tems ‘Free Mind’ playing in my ear all morning and as I’m typing this blog at 6:30 p.m. I’m still listening to it. I’m feeling immensely grateful, I counted my blessings today and I almost cried (tears of joy of course). I’m not where I want to be but I’m where God needs me to be. Sometimes it’s hard to accept that God’s plan is the better plan, for me it hasn’t always been easy.

I’ve always loved planning my life. Planning gave me purpose and made me feel secure but when things didn’t map out how I wanted them to, I felt disappointed. Sometimes even defeated. This year really showed me that those disappoints was God redirecting me to better things and to my true purpose in life. I don’t quite know what that true purpose is exactly but I think I have a few ideas.

I’m trusting God more than ever to direct my path, I feel I need him more than ever in my life too. He has proven over and over again that his timing is the best.

Lord, if it’s your will, let it be done unto me.

Girl in Her Twenties

I’m still planning however, there’s a difference now versus then. I share my plans with God. I talk to him and seek his guidance and approval on them. I tell him if this isn’t the right way then stop me and redirect me unto the right path. Correct me if I’m wrong, grant me discernment on my journey and favour me and my dreams, goals and ideas.

Whatever I can’t control, I hand it to him. The things I can, I do. I trust his plan for my life, his plan is better. His plan is the BEST!

How’s your relationship with God? Do you trust his plan for your life?

Sending lots of good energy, positive affirmations and smiles your way, have a good week everyone!

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