In Your 20’s: Passion Versus Practical

In Your 20’s: Passion Versus Practical

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I think there is a societal and/or parental expectation that you should know what you want to do in life at an early age. If you are from a family that has high expectations of a traditional career path then you understand practical, but if your dream is to paint beautiful canvases instead, then you understand passion.

Can you have the best of both worlds like Hannah Montana or will you have to choose?

When I was on the precipice of turning 20 I was struggling with the answer to that question, I started to get nervous -almost panicky- I was afraid of making the wrong choice, I loved writing but didn’t know if my creative gift would be enough to work in journalism or would I be better suited in the accounting field since accounting just seemed sensible and logical to me.

Fast forward to the present, I am going to be 22, do I have it all figured out? Not even close but I found a middle ground to make practical and passion work for me. This is how I did it, after many attempts to outrun my Accounting major I yielded myself to God’s plan then decided instead of being an accountant I would aim to be a financial advisor/planner because financial literacy and being financial responsible are SUPER important to me since I grew up in a working class family where money was limited and how you earned, spent and saved it would be the key to survival or downfall so BOOM practical path solved!

Next up is passion, writing comes easy to me, this is where my blog comes in and somehow, I feel satisfied with how I’ve been able to express myself. There is no guarantee the middle ground I have found will last forever, one day I might wake up and it could all change (I’m still in my early 20’s and the only constant thing is change) but for now I am happy with my decision.

Now if you have chosen practical over passion, here are some words of advice: nothing is wrong with wanting something that will ensure stability but take time out for your passion. Dedicate the weekend or a 2 hour after work to your passion; make it work. For persons who have chosen passion over practical, nothing is wrong with choosing what makes YOU happy, in case the world has forgotten, it is YOUR life; live it to the fullest. If you are currently struggling with whether it should be passion over practical or vice versa, think about what matters to you and makes you happy then pursue it.

Our 20’s are hard, we are attempting to figure everything out sooner rather than later, some persons will, and others won’t immediately. It’s a trial and error process for us, make the best of every lesson, learn from it and make yourself better through it. Let it be known that FAILING IS HEALING!


I have been doing some heavy reading for the last two weeks and my only recommendations are going to be books this week so let’s get into it.
Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood, this laugh-out-loud autobiography is written by the funny and extremely handsome Trevor Noah, lowkey he could ride my bike any day of the week with his intellectuality, well-stated political views, and hot South African accent. Anyways before I die from lust, the book focuses on his life growing up as a coloured child in South Africa, if you don’t know being coloured in SA means one of your parents is white and the other is either Black, Asian or of some other race that isn’t white. Trevor Noah was born in the time of apartheid, so he was actually born a crime, the book was wonderfully written, it’s funny while edifying; I liked that. IT’S A MUST READ, TRUST ME! I found myself googling more on apartheid and South Africa and ended up learning a lot.
Autoboygraphy by Christina Lauren, this YA novel is written by two female authors (I found this fact really cool) and tells the story of a bisexual teenager name Tanner Scott who falls in love with a Mormon church member, Sebastian Brother during a fancy Creative writing class. The story shows the struggles of finding out and accepting who you are for Sebastian Brother, the struggles of being religious and the impact of love has on a person among many other things. This book left me in emotional turmoil and definitely was thought provoking for me because I think about my future kids and the type of home I want to surround them with and the type of parent I hope to be. If you are religious, you will not enjoy nor read this book, but I love it definitely a fave now and that is good enough for me.

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