New Beginnings . . . I’ve Made a Few Changes to the Blog

New Beginnings . . . I’ve Made a Few Changes to the Blog

While I’m out here evolving as a human being and making a few serious and small life choices, I thought it would be a good idea to change my blog appearance too! I didn’t do a whole makeover but I changed a few things that I felt needed to be changed.

My previous ‘About’ page had a lot going and was more suited for last year’s version of me, this new one is very simplistic and breathable; I designed the image on Canva and the quote was an ‘off-the-top of my head’ kinda quote that turned out good.

I applied the same simplistic makeover design to my home page, I removed a few things because it had a lot going on again. I think as a personal blogger the more you blog about your life, the more you’ll want to change the blog appearance. You are growing so automatically the blog has to change to fit who you are and not who you were.

I added a background, I don’t know what it looks like to you but I see a few jelly-like flowers, almost like water lilies. I also changed the fonts, I can’t remember what I had before but I know they were bigger than the ones I’m using now.

I really like the new changes, a few more weeks and I’ll be in love with it (I gradually adjust to change). I’m hoping to post more because I have more time on my hands and I’d like to be productive with it, I won’t say what my posting schedule will look like cause I’m afraid of jinxing things.

Incase you missed them, check out last week’s posts:

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Have a good week everyone, continue to stay safe!

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