STARTING A BLOG IS NO EASY TASK! If I’m being honest which I try to be majority of the time, I thought it would have been simple; write, post, and boom you have a blog but then I realized it wouldn’t be that easy and that’s when worry and overthinking set in. Failing scares me, I know it’s meant to encourage you to keep going but sometimes it makes me stop and think “am I really doing the right thing? Stop while you can and save yourself from the misery of failing and crying about it”. I’m happy I didn’t listen to that inferior voice!

This blog was created in January 2020 but I didn’t launch it until March, for some unknown reason I just didn’t feel ready in January but by March I was uploading blogs every two week and at that time I felt that was consistent enough. Then in August, I was uploading every week to commemorate my birthday and birth month, quickly I notice I didn’t like uploading every two weeks or weekly. September came in the blink of an eye and I started changing the layout of the blog, I added an ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ page and even got a premium plan; I decided to really invest my time and efforts into making my blog my virtual home.

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Whenever I log in as “Girl In Her Twenties” I’m always pleased with what pops up! I created every picture on the homepage, about and contact from Canva, my writing has improved and somehow I’m starting to figure out what my “niche” is (a lot of bloggers use this terminology, it sounds like a sweet dessert to me but I’m always hungry maybe that’s why) and I like my content.

During this time, the other blogs you read matter, and while it’s not ideal to look up to people as role models because they are humans like us and that’s a lot of pressure on shoulders that didn’t ask for it. I admire bloggers like Zoewiezoe, Musings of a Wanderer, May the Ray, and Nicole Sade, whenever I read their posts, I feel their individuality and marvel at their wonderful writing and it inspires me to stay true to myself.

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If you are a new blogger here are some things you should know:
Upload posts/content when you feel like it (your writing should always reflect you and your passion for it, don’t rush yourself to upload something)
Tags actually matter but don’t use a whole ton, just use the tags that relate to your blog post.
Follow bloggers that produce good content that you like! If you’ve ever received a notification that I liked your post, just know I’ve read it from start to end, it was a great read and that’s why I like it. I’m not going to like it and not read it, that’s not my style and I implore others to genuinely read bloggers’ content as well.
Your blog is a reflection of you, therefore, make it yours in every way. The layout should be you; every image should be something that you like because that blog is your virtual home, make it comfortable!
Don’t lose yourself, always remember why you started in the first place and stick with that reason.

If you aren’t careful you could lose yourself in blogging and I don’t mean it in a good way. When the following, likes and comments start increasing, a foreign feeling sets in and you have to tell yourself “I have to stay true to me” or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week!


  1. To be honest I really love your attitude towards blogging. It is inspiring and there is a lot to learn from this post. I also liked this line: “It sounds like a sweet dessert ” It made me smile a bit.

    Thank you for sharing.

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